Vancouver Board of Trade Members Reception

Kristy Todd-Miller (l) of HSBC and Anthony Clarke of Mitchell Press have their holiday glow on.

Longtime friends Laurie Finnigan (l) of Vision Investment Properties and Adrian Cadette of Jaguar IT Services take some time to get reacquainted.

Donovan Tildesley of Buntain Insurance only wishes for one more thing to make his photo with Amber Weland of Vancity complete, a sprig of mistletoe.

Anne Chang (l) of Canada Asia Business Network and Brenda Tunke of Bedford Biofuels Inc.

Chantel Cook of Moda Hotel and Michael Scott of Business Alliance Technologies get their holiday mingle on.

A drink in hand and a lady on his arm IT consultant Glenn Draper enjoys the festivities with Alex Lee-Behan of Caesars Palace Entertainment.

Santo Sandhu of Wolverton Securities is content between pretty gals Hanna Golota (l) of Globalme and Brittany Wong of the Moda Hotel.

Filmmakers extraordinaire John Durrant and Charlene Campney of Backlot Films.

Jonathan Rugge of Chemistry Consulting Group Inc. does some holiday networking with Lindsay Giancursio of Hotel le Soleil.

Lynn Chitty of BBW International and Tingxi Tan of Red Melon Consulting cheers to holiday parties.

The league of extraordinary ladies and gents. From left: Malcolm Smillie of VBOT, Brenda Jennett of Aon Insurance, GM Kanat Kantman of the MODA Hotel, and Ash Abhyankar of Fujitsu.

From left: Mandeek Manhas of Mackay LLP, and Kiran Rai and David Coloun of VBOT indulge in good company and a good brew.

Lucky guy Abdul Walli of Park-n-Fly gets acquainted with pretty ladies Salima Verjee (l) of the Holiday Inn Express Riverport and Yvonne Lee of Scotiabank.

Tim Blake (l) of Douglas College and Joel Brideau of Tundra.

Yvonne Lee of Scotiabank with Dennis Pang of Motive8 Media.

Artist Zbigniew Kupczyuski of KSG Inc. with his wife Eva.


Event: Vancouver Board of Trade Members Reception
Venue: Red Card Sports Bar, Moda Hotel
Date: Dec. 7, 2010

If there’s one thing you should learn in business, it’s the value of networking – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. For the past 100 years, the Vancouver Board of Trade has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes to connect, grow, and prosper. Now at over 5,800 members strong, VBOT provides its members with resources, services, and a vast sea of business contacts.

Treating its members to an early holiday celebration, VBOT celebrated with its devotees over canapes and cocktails at the Red Card Sports Bar at the MODA Hotel. It didn’t matter that Christmas was just under a month away, spirits were high and smiles were bright as people got their holiday network on.

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