Which Vancouver celebrities should run for mayor?

Analyzing which Vancouver celebrities might toss their hat in the ring to be Vancouver's next mayor

Would you trust Seth Rogen with the keys to the city?

Who would you like to see in Gregor Robertson’s position?

In the wake of Gregor Robertson’s announcement that he won’t run for mayor in the municipal elections this October, it looks like the contest is wide open. While candidates from the Non-Partisan Association (NPA) and the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) decide if they’re better off running for seats on council rather than the big job, it’s as good a time as any for a new hopeful to jump into the race.

Vision Vancouver, fresh off the announcements that Robertson and at least two councillors (Andrea Reimer and Tim Stevenson) won’t be running again, could be on the lookout for some fresh blood to ignite the party. 

And because we know—thanks to our dear neighbours to the south—how effective high-profile names can be in political contests, it’s worth asking if any local celebrities might take a run at Robertson’s vacant seat. Here, in alphabetical order, is a completely plausible, definitely realistic look at 10 potential Vancouver mayoral candidates.

Credit: Michael Buble on Twitter

Michael Bublé hasn’t met you yet, but he might get your vote

Michael Bublé

The Vancouver singer has a (mostly) squeaky-clean reputation, and he’d be an interesting draw for many residents. Bublé hasn’t gotten very involved in politics in the past, though an hour-long interview with super-conservative talk show host Glenn Beck raised some eyebrows.

Chances he’ll run for mayor: 1/10

Bublé seems content sitting on the political sidelines.

Carly Rae Jepsen

The Mission native is currently opening for Katy Perry’s North American tour, which runs until February 5. Jepsen also has an album dropping early this year, and if she wants a little extra publicity, a mayoral bid can’t hurt. 

Chances she’ll run for mayor: 1/10

Yeah, it’s not happening. Apparently municipal civil servants get paid a lot less than rock stars. 

Trevor Linden

The immensely popular Linden is one of the best players ever to don a Vancouver Canucks uniform. He’s also emerged as a giant in the community, launching the Trevor Linden Foundation and receiving both the Order of B.C. and the Order of Canada.

Chances he’ll run for mayor: 2/10

One of the city’s highest-profile residents, Linden took on the role of Canucks president in 2014. How well he’s done in that job depends on who you ask, but it’s safe to say that he’s concentrating on hockey for the foreseeable future.

Stephen Quinn: A face made for the ballot box?

Stephen Quinn

The no-nonsense host of The Early Edition on CBC Radio has garnered respect from British Columbians for his off-the-cuff opinions and insights. He’s been rumoured to have a more conservative bent, but his persistent questioning over safe injection sites in an interview with federal Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer suggests that Quinn would champion reason over bias. 

Chances he’ll run for mayor: 2/10

Quinn just got his latest gig at the start of this year, so it’s hard to see him abandoning the job so early.

Seth Rogen

Here’s a list of some politically motivated things Vancouver native Rogen has done in the past few years:

But is he brave enough to face down overzealous parks board members?

Chances he’ll run for mayor: 1/10

It’s a shame, really. From a citywide 4/20 holiday to a re-emergence of independent movie theatres, we can see Rogen doing some interesting things for his hometown. Unfortunately, it looks as though his political interventions are solely focused on the U.S.

Credit: David Suzuki on Twitter

David Suzuki is comfortable in a political environment

Christine Sinclair

The soccer player extraordinaire was reportedly blindsided by coach John Herdman leaving the women’s national team to coach the men. We think Sinclair—the most decorated Canadian soccer star of all time—could captain city council effectively. 

Chances she’ll run for mayor: 2/10

By all accounts, Sinclair seems very comfortable running over her competition on the pitch. Maybe in a few years she’ll dominate at the polls, too. 

David Suzuki

Suzuki is a well-known name in the province and easily the most recognizable environmental voice in one of the more green-conscious parts of the country. He’s obviously been involved in politics for much of his life but has never run for office. His election endorsements carry substantial weight, and he hasn’t been afraid to throw it around, standing behind Joyce MurrayCharlie Angus and the Green Party of British Columbia in recent years.

If Suzuki ran, we wouldn’t have to stand idly by waiting for him to make his recommendation.

Chances he’ll run for mayor: 2/10

The eminent scientist turns 82 this year, and although he doesn’t look it, it’s hard to imagine someone who officially retired 17 years ago wanting to run for mayor.

Credit: Tamara Taggart on Facebook

Star quality: Trevor Linden and Tamara Taggart

Tamara Taggart

Definitely Vancouver royalty, CTV News anchor Taggart is a much-loved personality. In 2016, The Westender wrote that she had “become the face of our city in so many ways.”

Taggart has a big social media following, and many see her as a trustworthy voice in a city that needs exactly that.

Chances she’ll run for mayor: 3/10

Taggart has more or less stayed away from getting political, and it’s served her well. The likelihood that she would start now is quite slim. But if she did decide to run for mayor, she’d be hard to stop. 

Vikram Vij

He’s no longer featured on the popular CBC show Dragons’ Den, so maybe Vij has a little free time to spend campaigning? After all, his eponymous restaurant is now located a few blocks from city hall.

Chances he’ll run for mayor: 4/10

Vij hasn’t spoken about (Canadian) politics on the record very often, which indicates that a mayoral run is unlikely. But he could pull a 9-to-5 at city hall and then walk up to his restaurant just as crowds are starting to gather for the night’s service.

Again, we know from our neighbour down south that time spent at the actual office you’ve been voted into is not a priority. One would hope that wouldn’t be the same case here, but you never know. 

Dennis (Chip) Wilson

This might not go over too well with some folks, but Wilson has undeniable clout. 

Chances he’ll run for mayor: 5/10

It’s not impossible to see the billionaire founder of Lululemon Athletica Inc. running. It’s more difficult see Wilson garnering widespread support in a city where a portion of the population thinks the very rich are its biggest problem.