30 Under 30: Alex Miller created an internationally popular pelvic exercise program for women

Miller also plans to launch a pre- and postnatal exercise program

Alex Miller, 27

Owner + operator, Pelvic Floor Strong

Life Story: If you attend group fitness classes in Vancouver, you might recognize Alex Miller as an instructor. Miller, who spent eight years working at numerous local studios, also started a business teaching mindful movement to kids aged five to 12. The South Surrey native found herself at a crossroads in early 2019. “I was burnt out, and I wanted a next step,” Miller recalls. She thought of opening her own studio—a move that could have been ruinous after COVID struck. But two friends who host the 7 Figure Entrepreneur podcast introduced her to recent guest Emily Lark, a U.S. entrepreneur who created a popular back pain program.

Deciding to build a similar business around her passion for pre- and postnatal wellness, Miller did a three-month online mentorship with Lark. Over the next year, she crafted the materials and marketing for Pelvic Floor Strong, an exercise program aimed at women aged 40-plus whose benefits include better bladder control. Although Miller had no marketing experience, the business took off instantly when she launched it last May. “So I quit my job at the studios, and it’s been full-on ever since.”

Bottom Line: Mostly thanks to U.S. customers, Langley-based Pelvic Floor Strong saw dramatic sales growth in its first year. Miller, who became a mother in April and has started creating an umbrella brand called Alex Miller Wellness, plans to launch a pre- and postnatal program for women in their 20s through 40s.