Tips for staying sane in a pandemic from… Aisle CEO Suzanne Siemens

The entrepreneur preaches human interaction (digitally) during this time

Credit: Adam Blasberg

Suzanne Siemens (right) and Madeleine Shaw founded Lunapads in 2000

The entrepreneur preaches human interaction (digitally) during this time

A chartered professional accountant by trade, Suzanne Siemens founded Lunapads (since renamed Aisle) with fashion designer Madeleine Shaw in 2000 to produce and market a sustainable collection of menstrual products, including washable cloth menstrual pads and period underwear.

The pair were far ahead of their time in more ways than one. As a socially responsible business, Aisle saves two million pads and tampons from landfills every month. Today, the company has a customer base of more than 200,000 and sells its products in some 40 countries. 

Heres what Siemens is doing during these tough times.

1. Keep in regular touch with your team via Slack and Zoom video calls

These have been essential communication tools that I’m glad we paid for in order to take full advantage of all the features. P.S.: Don’t forget to send each other fun GIFs to keep things light. 

2. Tell your family in advance when you need absolute quiet for things like an investor phone call, PR interview or team meeting

Otherwise, it’s too stressful trying to tell them to NOT engage with you about “Where are my shoes?” or “What’s for lunch?”

3. Take breaks to get some fresh air

It also helps if you have a cute puppy who is excited to go for a walk at any time. 

4. Make personal phone calls to check in on team and family members

Being away from the office and your extended family can be very isolating for you and them. A one-on-one conversation, hearing their voice, will give you a better sense of how they are truly doing.