Tips for staying sane in a pandemic from… ContactsForLess founder Paul Slusher

The entrepreneur emphasizes mental health during this time.

The entrepreneur emphasizes mental health during this time founder Paul W. Slusher runs a business that prides itself on being both innovative and grounded. The former is exemplified by his Surrey operations pledge to donate 51 percent of all net profits to the nonprofit of the buyers choosing. And the latter has proved a necessity: sales have grown more than 3,000 percent in five years. 

Here are Slushers suggestions for staying sane during this unprecedented crisis.

1. Support a charity or cause on social media

As you sit at home, flipping between shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, take some time each day to post and/or repost important charities or causes doing important work at this time. When things get crazy or economies get tight, its nonprofits that suffer, along with those they serve. So support them by giving them social media oxygen during this time of need.

2. Take a walk…seriously!

Oxygen will shake off the cobwebs of being stuck at home and improve your health. Heck, itll probably bring a smile to your face as well, and we all know that we could use more smiles right about now.

3. Try yoga or meditation

“If there was ever a time that you were considering meditation, now would be the time to try it,” a friend of mine in the U.S. recently wrote on Facebook. Wise words. A simple “Om” meditation will do the trick, believe me. It has helped me over the years in more ways than I can count.

4. Tell someone you miss that you love them

Why? Because its always healthy and good to reconnect with those you have forgotten about or who have been left behind in the hustle and bustle of life. Remember, money is short-term, but love and connection between human beings is worth so much more! Not only that, research shows that those who feel and express love are healthier and happier!