Tips for staying sane in a pandemic from… Form Body Lab’s Jessica Slonski

The fitness entrepreneur stresses the importance of staying active.

Credit: Courtesy of Jessica Slonski

The fitness entrepreneur stresses the importance of staying active

A former professional dancer, Jessica Slonksi has been teaching Pilates in Vancouver since 2009, and doing it out of her own studio, Form Body Lab, for the past seven-and-a-half years. 

Slonski launched her business after spotting what she thought was a gap in the market: Pilates studios were not providing a polished, multi-disciplinary approach to wellness, and physiotherapy clinics were not providing the zen environment of a studio or spa. “Our unique programming combined with our atmosphere is what makes Form so special,” she says, adding that Form combines massage therapy, physiotherapy, and Pilates into holistic programs, creating one-on-one experiences for clients to accommodate their personal needs.

Although Forms Yaletown studio is closed right now, Slonski has developed video and teleconference options for physiotherapy, Pilates sessions, group Pilates and yoga classes.

Heres what else she recommends doing during the pandemic. 

1. Do some movement first thing in the morning

Whether its Pilates, yoga, pushups, squats—anything is good—just get your blood pumping.

Why should you get some movement in? Without that commute to work, its easy to lose the skip in your step and get out of your routine. Starting your day off with some movement will help keep you energized and feeling happy and focused.

2. Get dressed 

Being in your PJs all day is NOT good for your mental health. I always say that when you feel your worst, try to look your best! Its about tricking yourself into feeling as great as you look!

3. Take the time to actively appreciate the people you share your home with 

Youre probably spending a lot more together time” right now than youre used to, and that can be overwhelming. Taking the time to think about what you appreciate about the people you share your space with will keep the energy and your exchanges with them on a happy and supportive note.

Try saying, I appreciate this about you, because of this very good reason at least once a day. This will keep you searching for positives instead of dwelling on negatives.

4. Read that book youve been meaning to get to but just havent yet 

Because you probably have some spare time on your hands these days, and its a much better use of your time and much better for your brain than binge-watching Netflix (and lets be honest—well all be watching more than enough Netflix in the next while!).

5. Move again before bed 

Because youve probably been sitting and stressing more than normal, and its good to work through some of that energy before trying to sleep. Keep it gentle, keep it restorative, and prepare yourself for a sound sleep.