Tips for staying sane in a pandemic from… Later co-founder and COO Matt Smith

The tech entrepreneur preaches keeping active during these times.

Credit: Courtesy of Matt Smith

The tech entrepreneur preaches keeping active during these times

After graduating from UBC, Matt Smith worked in IT before becoming something of a serial entrepreneur. 

He founded two companies based on hosting online scores in Alpha Score Seminars and then Thinkific, with his brother, Greg Smith. Greg is still CEO of both operations, while Matt sits on the board of the latter.

At Thinkific, Matt co-founded Latergramme (now simply Later) at a hackathon. The social media platform, which schedules Instagram posts, has attracted more than three million users in the six years since he and his colleagues built it.

Here’s what he’s doing during these tough times. 

1. Take the time to cook healthy meals

Not only will this help limit your screen time and news intake, but it’s a chance to focus on your health and make sure you’re supporting your immune system with good food.

2. Read books

Take this opportunity to boost your knowledge and get lost in a good book. It provides a break from the news, but it’s also a chance to escape to a different world. I’m currently reading Principles by Ray Dalio and My Struggle by Karl Ove Knausgård.

3. Keep active

Whether it’s yoga classes on YouTube or cycling on a stationary bike at home, keep moving and stay healthy. This is my meditation time and an incredibly valuable part of my day.

4. Make or take an online course

This is a great time to revisit or start thinking about how your knowledge can support the entrepreneurial community. Launching a course, through a platform like Thinkific, is a great way to do this, and will help you identify and share your strengths with the online community. It’s also a great time to work on and improve your own skills by taking a course yourself while at home.