Amar and Natallie Doman on why they give back

Amar and Natalie Doman | BCBusiness
Amar and Natalie Doman.

A conversation with Amar Doman, president and CEO of Futura Corp. and CEO of CanWel Building Materials Group Ltd., and Natallie Doman, past honorary co-chair of the Heart & Stroke Foundation gala fundraiser

Amar explains that his father, Ted, had a serious heart attack at the age of 40 and believes that open-heart surgery in the 1970s saved his life.

“He again had several attacks and since then has also had a stroke, each time recovering fully thanks to the science and research done by the fine doctors and, of course, the Heart & Stroke Foundation,” says Amar, who was a director on the charity’s national board from 2011 to 2013.

Heart & Stroke Foundation supporters for 10 years, they donated $250,000 in 2012.

Adding that his father is his role model, Amar offers another reason why the couple donates, beyond the obvious: “Without him being around, I could not have built the businesses I am now involved in. 

“I believe the foundation’s work is very critical, not only for fundraising that directly assists science and research but for awareness and healthy-living promotion,” he continues. “Through a healthy and active lifestyle, heart disease and stroke can be prevented. They are always trying to get the message out; the Make Death Wait campaign was very successful.”

As parents, the Domans are keen to now pass on the spirit of giving to the next generation. “Having three very young children reinforces our belief in giving back in many ways, including to the Heart & Stroke Foundation,” says Natallie. “Being able to help others is a goal that we both believe in, and we feel blessed that we have the ability to do so.”

“I am always amazed and proud to see how many people are selfless in Canada,” says Amar. “It is inspirational and something we will teach our children. Everyone should get involved with some sort of charity that touches them. Being selfless is rewarding, and giving back to those who need help is quite simply the right thing to do—no matter how big or how small.”

This is the third in a series profiling eight local powerhouse philanthropic duos. Stay tuned.