Your donations at work: Q&A with Burnaby Hospital Foundation president and CEO Cheryl Carline

The Burnaby Hospital Foundation works hand-in-hand with the Burnaby Hospital, and relies on the generosity of donors to ensure patients receive the high level of health services they need and deserve

The Burnaby Hospital Foundation is committed to keeping the community healthy by supporting the enhancement of health services. Since 2002 donors have contributed approximately $19 million to fund medical equipment and technology. This year, the foundation is taking on one of its largest initiatives yet and has pledged $5 million to the Burnaby Hospital Renewal Project. The plans include the addition of a mental health and substance abuse zone in the emergency department and the consolidation of outpatient services.

In what ways does the Burnaby Hospital Foundation contribute to Burnaby Hospital?
Every year we sit down with the hospital and come up with a list of priorities that are in need of funding, everything from new equipment to large-scale projects like the upcoming renewal project. This last year the foundation donated $600,000 for the construction of a second endoscopy suit, which will cut down on wait times for endoscopies and colonoscopies. These procedures are good tools for identifying and preventing cancer, so it was a very important investment. We also have a robust community health and wellness fund that supports community projects like the Healthy Heart Run Walk.

How important are donations to the foundation?
The foundation is 100 per cent funded by donations. We do not receive any funding from the government, the hospital or Fraser Health. We are completely supported by individuals, corporations, clubs etc, so our success relies on the generosity of our donors.

What opportunities do people have to donate?
Besides calling us or logging onto the website to donate, we also participate in community activities and are sometimes the beneficiaries of third party events. For example, this year we are the beneficiary of the Burnaby Board of Trade Golf Tournament. Attending the annual gala in November is also a great opportunity to get involved and contribution to the foundation.