Chip Wilson resigns from Lululemon’s board

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson (centre)

Chip moves on, tax may move up, and childhood innocence has a price

Chip off the old board
Lululemon founder Chip Wilson has once again stepped back from the company he founded, announcing Monday that he’s resigning from its board of directors. In a release, Wilson cited two motivating factors for his decision: the company, he said, is “back on track” after losing its way in 2013; and his resignation from Lululemon will mean he has more time to help his wife, Shannon, and their son JJ with Kit & Ace, a “technical luxury” brand that’s opened a handful of stores in the past year. “I have achieved the goals I set when I came back, and after careful thought, I believe that now is the right time to step away from the board,” Wilson said in the release. “I will now have more opportunity to work with my wife and son as they grow their new business.”

A new price for PST, sort of
The transit tax, if implemented, will be added to the PST on your receipt, B.C. Minister of Transportation Todd Stone confirmed Friday. In short, if you live in Metro Vancouver and the referendum passes, PST would go up from 7 per cent to 7.5 per cent, representing the 0.5 per cent regional tax proposed to help pay for new transit lines, such as a subway along Broadway Avenue and light-rail lines throughout Surrey.

FOR SALE: Your childhood dreams
Can you really put a price on an enchanted forest? Yes. Yes, you can. Your childhood dreams, located just off the Trans-Canada Highway near Revelstoke, can be purchased for the princely sum of $2.7 million. The 38.1-acre lot, a tourist destination since the ’60s, comes with a really tall tree house and “over 350 jolly folk art figures” like Snow White and Goldilocks and the Three Little Pigs and, and, and even Captain Hook! There’s a website,, not to be mistaken with the popular fantasy novel from 1986, Terry Brooks’s Magic Kingdom for Sale — SOLD!