Lululemon nabs new CFO from J. Crew

Need-to-know news and insight for Monday, Jan. 12

Turning Lululemons into Lululemonade
Lululemon has a new, high-profile chief financial officer, Stuart Haselden, who comes from another popular clothing retailer, J. Crew. Haselden replaces John Currie, who joined the company in 2007 (Currie is retiring from Lululemon). He takes over February 2.

B.C. good, Canada meh
Unemployment in B.C. was the lowest it’s been in six years last month, according to Statistics Canada, at 5.4 per cent. StatsCan analyst Vincent Ferrao told The Vancouver Sun that increases were mainly in the business and building sectors. In Canada, however, the picture is less rosy: unemployment stayed steady at 6.6 per cent, as the country shed 4,300 net jobs in December. Youth unemployment, meanwhile, went up 0.3 per cent to 13.3 per cent.

A tax on all their houses
Nearly a quarter of Coal Harbour’s condos are unoccupied, either continually or on a regular basis, while in Vancouver the number is 7.7 per cent. In a city that leads Canada in real estate prices, the notion that a not-insignificant slice of Vancouver’s real estate is sitting empty has been a hot topic. Last election, mayoral candidate Meena Wong pledged to “place a duty” on vacant homes, hoping to alleviate the perceived problem. Such a move wouldn’t be unheard of. Many major cities around the world have taken similar measures to offset this modern-day byproduct of globalization. To see how exactly, check out our latest infographic, available here.