Businesses have a duty to contribute to society, says the founder and CEO of Brujera Elixirs

To honour the contenders in our inaugural Women of the Year competition, we’ve created video interviews with the winners in all six categories.

Today’s subject: Community Builder winner Kelly Ann Woods, founder and CEO of Brujera Elixirs. Through her Squamish-based business, Woods makes State B, a line of functional beverages, some containing cannabis, that feature a trade secret formula of healing botanicals; and Boozewitch, a selection of sober-curious mixers for cocktails and mocktails.

Previously co-founder and CEO of Gillespie’s Fine Spirits, the drinks industry veteran also started the Squamish Craft Beverage Association. “The times we’re living in,” Woods says, “unless you’ve built the foundation of what you’re doing about how you contribute to society, I don’t think you have any place being in business.”

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Thank you to the judges—Katie Baker, Laurel Douglas, Jill Earthy and Tina Strehlke—for their time and effort. We’re also grateful for the support of our generous sponsor, the Women’s Enterprise Centre.

The 2021 Women of the Year Awards are open for nominations until January 6. There’s no fee to enter, and you can find all the details here.