Best Practices

Offer employees stock options, a premium-free benefits package, and a fund to “do good.” – Strangeloop Networks Inc.

Don’t let managers hover over employees’ shoulders. Post team goals for the day, week, month and quarter on the walls for all to see. –

Have profit-sharing, a gym, and extended health benefits. – Kryton International Inc.

Give employees an annual $800 credit for fitness costs like bike locker fees and personal training. – Habanero Consulting Group

Create a health and wellness plan to kick money toward anything that encourages active living, like a spiffy pair of runners, yoga passes, or lift tickets. – Omni Companies

Let employees earn credit, and later cash, for accomplishments like eating 30 grams of fibre a day or being a designated driver. – Integris Credit Union

Give corporate cash if workers want to form a club – to go golfing, for example.
– Microsoft Canada Development Centre

Support personal growth by funding a variety of benefits including physiotherapy and continuing education. – Concert Properties Ltd.

Make the company employee-owned. That way everyone invests in its success.
– Odlum Brown Ltd.

Buy gifts for all of the staff’s children each Christmas.
– Great Little Box Company Ltd.

Encourages a collaborative culture by keeping the hierarchy flat. – Slant Six Games Inc.