2012 Entrepreneur of the Year Runners-Up

Business-to-Business Products and Services Runners-Up

Carl Ward, president, Ward’s Hydraulic Services Ltd.
Carl Ward attributes his business acumen to growing up in a family of nine kids, where he learned the finer points of pinching pennies from

Emerging EOY Runners-Up

Heikal Gani & Kyle Vucko, CCO & CEO, Indochino Apparel Inc.
After they had burned through a handful of small-business ideas, one disappointing suit-shopping experience was the spark that ignited an ambitious venture fo

Manufacturing 2012 EOY Runners-Up

Richard Eppich, CEO, Ebco Industries Ltd. & Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc.
At five years old, Richard Eppich would accompany his father, Helmut, to his manufacturing property in Richmond’s industrial distr

Mining and Metals 2012 EOY Runners-Up

Clynton Nauman, president and CEO, Alexco Resource Corp.
Clynton Nauman refers to himself as “just a dirt-bag exploration geologist,” but in eight short years, he’s taken his company from an ide

Business-to-Consumer Products and Services

Devina Zalesky, president, Allwest Insurance Services Ltd.
Devina Zalesky is driven. In 1994, after working as a broker at AllWest for 12 years, she bought the company with her husband and developed it into

2012 Emerging EOY Runners-Up

Syed Hasan, president and CEO, Responsetek Networks Corp.
Syed Hasan insists he “wasn’t the guy who was selling lemonade at age five. I’m not an entrepreneur in the terms of a person who’s always d

2012 Media and Entertainment EOY Runners-Up

Sean Heather, principal, Heather Hospitality Group
Before coming to Canada in 1991, Sean Heather tried to escape the restaurant business many times, always to no avail. “The industry never leaves you,

2012 Real Estate/Construction EOY Runners-Up

Philip Langridge CEO, Churchill International Property Corp.
After facing three recessions in Canada, the U.S. and his home country of England, Philip Langridge has learned that instinct often outweighs lo


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