2022 30 Under 30 Winners

While our ninth annual 30 Under 30 winners have faced their share of hardships, COVID-19 is a hurdle that's long been jumped

Once again, our 30 Under 30 list is a little too impressive. Can B.C.’s youngest trend-setters just chill for a year or two? Probably not.

In the profiles that follow, you’ll read about hoteliers, scientists, foodies, transportation CEOs and everything in between. So what’s the common thread between a mining executive and a drag performance artist? Or a dip maker and the owners of a campground? They’re all pushing the boundaries of their chosen industries. And many of them are stepping up in the community. As we collectively move out of the pandemic, it will be up to the province’s youngest to pave the way forward in many cases. We have confidence they’ll find the way.

Taline Ainein | Age: 29

Co-founder + principal technical recruiter, Invenio Talent Partners

Taline Ainein of Invenio Talent Partners

Sean Blishen | Age: 29

Founder, Kilig Candle Co.

Sean Blishen of Kilig Candle Co.

Faro Burgoyne and Emily Slobodzian | Ages: 23

Founders, Raven’s Nest Resort & Campground

Faro Burgoyne and Emily Slobodzian,
Founders, Raven's Nest Resort & Campground

Nicola Carter and Arjan Mundy | Age: 28 + 29

Co-founders, EveryDayDreamers

Nicola Carter and Arjan Mundy of EveryDayDreamers

Cheralyn Chok | Age: 27

Co-founder & executive director, Social Innovation Academy

Cheralyn Chok of Social Innovation Academy

Ryder Davis | Age: 26

Co-founder & CEO, Heathrow Security

Ryder Davis of Heathrow Security

Emma Devin | Age: 29

Co-founder & chief people and product officer, Brood Care Inc.

Emma Devin of Brood Care Co.

Anjali Dhaliwal | Age: 20

Founder + executive director, Youth Helping Youth

Anjali Dhaliwal of Youth Helping Youth

Paul de Jersey | Age: 29

CEO, Akuspike Products

Paul de Jersey of Akuspike Products

Hamidreza Etebarian | Age: 28

Co-founder + CEO, Offerland Technologies

Hamidreza Etebarian of Offerland Technologies

Kayla Gabelhouse | Age: 25

Founder + CEO, Lavender & Grace Jewelry

Kayla Gabelhouse,
Founder + CEO, Lavender & Grace Jewelry

Tess Gobeil & Ariss Grutter | Ages: 28

Co-founders, Awl Together Leather Inc.

Tess Gobeil and Ariss Grutter of Awl Together LeatherAdele Thomas

Ella Laure Hipolito | Age: 29

Senior associate + EDI committee member, Boyden Executive Search

Ella Laure Hipolito of Boyden Executive Search

Stephanie Huen | Age: 29

Co-founder + CEO, Plenish

Stephanie Huen of Plenish

Justin Kopetzki | Age: 25

Co-founder + CEO, Justo’s Plant-Based Dips

Justin Kopetzki of Justo's Plant-Based Dips

Anil Kumar | Age: 26

Founder + CEO, Future Tech Transport

Anil Kumar of Future Tech Transport

Eva Li | Age: 29

Co-founder + chief product officer, ImmiSearch Technologies

Eva Li of ImmiSearch Technologies

Sang Lê & Arielle Lok | Age: 22 + 20

Co-founders, Peko Produce

Sang Le and Arielle Lok of Peko Produce

Evan McDougall | Age: 29

Founder, Conifer Homewares

Evan McDougall of Conifer HomewaresConifer Homewares

Jake McGregor | Age: 28

President, Minerva Intelligence

Jake McGregor of Minerva Intelligence

Arya Rashtchian & Nader Samadyan | Ages: 27

Co-founder + CEO; co-founder + COO, Omnicart

Arya Rashtchian and Nader Samadyan of OmnicartOmnicart

Christopher Reed | Age: 29

Co-founder, Queer Based Media

Christopher Reed of Queer Based MediaRay McEachern

Benson Sung | Age: 29

Founder + CEO, D2C Design

Benson Sung of D2C Design, Divinius, Kofe, Everyday

Joshua Yim & Joyce Yim | Age: 28 + 29

Owners, Teaspoons & Co.

Joshua Yim & Joyce Yim, Owners, Teaspoons & Co.