30 Under 30: Nicola Carter and Arjan Mundy dream of creative campaigns every day

The Vancouver-based digital marketing firm works with small-to-medium businesses using a monthly retainer model.

Nicola Carter & Arjan Mundy, 28 + 29

Co-founders, EveryDayDreamers

Life Story: When Arjan Mundy and Nicola Carter met at a frat party in 2014, they didn’t think they would end up launching a digital marketing agency that generates $350,000 in yearly revenue.

For one, Carter was working on a degree in early childhood education at Douglas College. And Mundy was charting his own path by studying communication, advertising and philosophy at SFU. But he says Carter’s party trick was too fascinating for him to forget: “She’s deaf, so she just takes off her ears.”

Originally from Chandigarh, India, Mundy used to sail around the world with his father, who was the captain of an oil tanker. When the family moved to Canada in 2003, he was an easy sell: “Our friend’s house had an amazing trampoline. I was like, sign me up!”

Carter—who claims to have been to Disneyland 13 times—grew up in White Rock. Her interest shifted from education to marketing and communications because funding always seemed to be an issue no matter what she wanted to do, and finding creative solutions to that seemed to be her forté.

After they met and before they became co-founders in 2020, the duo had a brief stint creating communications plans for two UNESCO projects in Paris. When they got burned out with the 9-5 grind, they came back and set up their own shop in Vancouver: EveryDayDreamers.

Bottom Line: EveryDayDreamers began as a copywriting agency but quickly developed into a digital marketing firm that works with small-to-medium businesses. The co-founders say that the monthly retainer model works well for them, as they were able to scale from two to 11 core members, serve 100 clients and increase 2021 revenue by 228 percent. With services ranging from search engine optimization, pay-per-click and PR to social media authority building and social media outreach, their fundraising campaign for Richmond Hospital raised some $2 million.