2017 30 Under 30 Winners

They may be in their 20s, but the talents in our fourth annual ranking are accomplished beyond their years. Beer canner, footwear disruptor, art adviser, concussion scientist, smart candy maker, hydrogen power visionary—they're changing how this province does business




These young innovators are building a stronger B.C. and a better world

Whoever said that youth is wasted on the young never met the winners of this year’s 30 Under 30. For our fourth annual ranking, we received almost 350 nominations, and whittling them down was no easy task. The 30 exceptional women and men you’re about to meet are a diverse group, from fields as varied as healthcare, high tech, construction, social media and law. Together, these groundbreaking talents show that B.C.’s entrepreneurial future is bright.

One striking feature of the 2017 list is the number of winners who aim to make the world a better place. Most of them give back to the community, but many have baked social purpose into their business. Simon Pickup is on a mission to reduce oil consumption by converting trucking fleets to low-cost hydrogen fuel, while Vanessa Chase Lockshin helps non-profits to become better fundraisers. Creators of health-focused apps that promise better outcomes for everything from arthritis to doctor-patient relations also make a strong showing.

Other tech innovators include Louis-Victor Jadavji, co-founder of a company that could transform the footwear industry with its custom 3D-printed insoles. Traditional sectors and disciplines, such as food and drink and the visual arts, are well represented, too. Take Matthew Leslie, whose mobile canning service for craft breweries now covers four provinces. Or Christina Sumie Hirukawa, a rising star in the art advisory world with a long list of corporate clients.

Another trend: 10 of the 30 Under 30 are immigrants. Some came to B.C. to escape conflict overseas; others are U.S. expats. However they got here, we’re lucky to have them, and we hope they stick around.

Below we reveal our 2017 30 Under 30 (listed in alphabetical order). Click on photos to view profiles of each of these young leaders.






Blake Adam | Age: 27

Co-founder, Medimap Systems Inc.


Tara Bosch | Age: 22

Founder and CEO, SmartSweets


Harrison Brown | Age: 28

Co-founder and CEO, HeadCheck Health Inc.


Vanessa Chase Lockshin | Age: 28

President, The Storytelling Non-Profit


Brett Giese | Age: 29

Owner, president and director, Crowne Pacific Development Corp. and Veyron Properties Group Ltd.



Shanil Gunasekara | Age: 28

Founder and CEO, eTreat Medical Diagnostics Inc.


Louis-Victor Jadavji | Age: 24

Co-founder, Wiivv Wearables Inc.



Phoebe Jiang | Age: 29

Co-founder and COO, Pixieset Media Inc.


Amy Kizaki | Age: 29

Co-founder and COO, Kitskitchen Health Foods


Joshua Krenus | Age: 29

Co-founder and insurance specialist, Alteri Insurance


Matthew Leslie | Age: 28

Co-founder and CEO, West Coast Canning


Saschie MacLean | Age: 28

Co-founder, RSVP 33


Khallil Mangalji | Age: 23

Co-founder and chief technology officer, Fiix


Parker McLean | Age: 29

Founder and creative director, In the Rye Creative


John Merkley | Age: 29

Founder, Cascadia Partners


Annee Ngo | Age: 27

Co-founder, ProtoHack


Andrea Palmer | Age: 25

Founder, Awake Labs


Sara Panton | Age: 27

Co-founder and CEO, Vitruvi


Daniel Penn | Age: 28

Co-founder and CEO, Shift Health


Simon Pickup | Age: 28

Co-founder and CEO, Hydra Energy Corp.


Chloe Popove | Age: 25

Founder and owner, My Modern Closet


Alexander Relf | Age: 29

Co-founder, Peaked Pies


Mark Rodgman | Age: 29

Co-founder and managing director, TalentPartners JS Inc.



Marc Schutzbank | Age: 29

Director, Fresh Roots


Christina Sumie Hirukawa | Age: 29

Art adviser and consultant, October Inventory


Jessica Thomas Cooke | Age: 29

Co-founder, INF Influencer Agency


Igor Trninic | Age: 28

Co-founder and managing partner, Breakthrough Academy


Alistair Vigier | Age: 27

Investor relations manager, Hart Legal


Brittany Whitmore | Age: 29

Founder, Exvera Communications, Founder and executive director, TEDxGastownWomen



Robyn Wilson | Age: 29

COO, Venue Kings Ticket Brokers, Inc.

Photographed by Evaan Kheraj on location at the Rocky Mountaineer Vancouver Station