4D: An Assessment Tool for Business Coaching

How the 4D assessment tool increases business team success.

Erickson Corporate International (ECI), a division of Erickson College, helps businesses around the globe boost their leadership skills and lead change through innovative coaching. One of Erickson’s methods is the 4D assessment tool.
One-time NASA Director of Astrophysics Charlie Pellerin developed the 4D tool after investigating the failed initial installation of the Hubble Space Telescope. The root cause of the failure was found to be miscommunication, due to poor team alignment and dynamics. Pellerin & Co. subsequently developed a system to create understanding and leverage team diversity.
4D is an integrated model that dramatically enhances the success of teams, particularly those responsible for the implementation of complex and high-pressure projects. Erickson has blended 4D with its solution-focused coaching models to offer a comprehensive system for balanced leadership.
Erickson College founder Dr. Marilyn Atkinson says ECI uses 4D to bring functionality back into difficult team situations. “4D focuses on the way people think and act together. It is all about values, attitudes and mindsets. The aim is to make coming to work enjoyable, as well as challenging.”
Paul Gossen, an Erickson executive coach and corporate trainer, highlights 4D’s simplicity as a solution. “The 4D system is definitely the fastest, most eff­ective and least intrusive team development system available in the world today. Contrasting styles of leadership tend to create friction. 4D can assess the culture of teams in an organization and quickly help them learn how to work together effectively. We apply our coaching tools and technologies, then measure outcomes,” he continues. “The 4D assessment system has always shown a dramatic return on investment.”
Erickson’s strategic projects manager Steve Ratcliffe praises 4D’s personal development focus – the tool was responsible for enhancing team cohesion within Erickson itself. “The foundation of the 4D system prevents pigeonholing people,” says Ratcliffe, “but to value different approaches as well as highlight areas where they can grow and improve. 4D’s ultimate goal is developing people while developing yourself – so you can enhance your effective contribution to the workforce.” A total of 800 teams have thrived using 4D, and Erickson is currently introducing the tool to 36 countries worldwide.
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