Adrian Duke

Adrian Duke

Co-founder and CEO

AGE: 28

COMPANY: Skyturtle Technologies Ltd.

“I couldn’t handle being told that I was going to be a lifer”

The story: At 18, like many young roughnecks on the Alberta oil patch, Adrian Duke bought a truck. When his boss told him that the purchase was a sign that he was “here for life,” the challenge set Duke off. “I couldn’t handle being told that I was going to be a lifer,” he says. “I enrolled at BCIT, saved up, bought an apartment in Vancouver and quit within six months.” After graduation, Duke found a job as a marketer with Native Education College, where he coached many First Nations teens facing problems similar to the ones he experienced as an 18-year-old West Coast transplant. “I saw the challenges and struggles they faced coming to the big city from remote communities and having no support networks here,” says Duke, who is a member of the Muscowpetung Nation in Saskatchewan. In 2012—after a series of ventures that included a window-cleaning business and a security company—a hockey buddy from Duke’s BCIT days approached him with the idea to manufacture waterslides. Duke saw an opportunity to improve the technology upon which multimillion-dollar waterslides depend: the control panels and systems necessary to keep the water running.

Markers of success: Skyturtle has raised more than $1 million from private investors and has more than 16 patents pending for its waterslide-related technology, which it develops and designs with a partner that has factories in Missouri and Iowa. Duke says that Skyturtle is also in talks to manufacture a slide with a straight vertical drop (and loop) for various parks in the U.S. —Jacob Parry

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