Big Sisters Spring Luncheon 2011

Event: Big Sisters Spring Luncheon 2011 Venue: Sutton Place Hotel Date: May 18, 2011

Chair of Big Sisters Lisa Ethans (l) with Mayor Diane Watts of Surrey.

Jimmy Crescenzo of Templeton Highschool, with Irene Karas.

Lee Rennison (l) of Primex, with Tracy Berretta.

Megan Verchere (l) of Bluefish Communications, with Jill Diamond of the Diamond Foundation.

Gayla DeHart (l) of Nurse Next Door with Justine Green, incoming Big Sisters of BC executive director.

Chair of Big Sisters Kay Gray (l) with predecessor Deb Nickols.

Jill Drever (l) with Cathy Thorpe of Surge Advisors.

Barb Ruff (l) and Michelle Cobb of Scotiabank.

Amanda He (l) with Ernest Lang of Meritus Financial.

Kristina Koller (l) of Morrey Jamieson and Samantha Lane of Meritus Financial.

From left: Linda Martin, Bonnie Blacky of Blacky Management and Cathy Martin.

Maki Takagi (l) with Suki Takagi of Suki’s Hair.

Rebecca Kalla (l) of the Jill Diamond Foundation with Shannon Lee.

Tammy Lawrence (l) of the Johannson Family Foundation with Carolyn Fernie of Big Sisters.

From left: Tammy Reynolds, Wendy Fay and Lindy Goepel.

From left: Marilyn Leung, Camille Wishinski and Nirmala Charan of Lombard Canada.

Event: Big Sisters Spring Luncheon 2011
Venue: Sutton Place Hotel
Date: May 18, 2011

Many of us weren’t fortunate enough to have a big sister growing up. (And a few of us, it must be said, were just as unfortunate to have one.) An older, wiser person can help us make sense of the perplexities of life as we grow up. The Big Sisters Foundation fills that gap. Today its BC organization comprises over 400 volunteers, hundreds of girls served each year, 17 staff members, a Board of Directors and Honorary Advisory Board and many community supporters.

Each year the charity holds a Spring Lunch at the Sutton Place Hotel to honour their devoted members. This year the lunch raised a record-breaking $53,000. Mayor Dianne Watts inspired attendees with a keynote speech about how important mentoring is, both for people, personally, and communities.

Moneys raised at the event went to helping match at least 26 new girls with a new, caring mentor.

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