Brittney Kerr

Brittney Kerr

Senior Consultant | Political Volunteer

AGE: 27

COMPANY: Earnscliffe Strategy Group

“If you’re not sure about how to get involved [in politics] or where or when, if you just show up that’s the most important thing”

At just 27, Brittney Kerr is firmly entrenched in municipal and federal politics. As if her day job weren’t enough—as a government-relations consultant representing everyone from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies—Kerr’s volunteer positions include sitting on the executive board of Vision Vancouver and serving as B.C. chair of the federal Liberal party’s policy committee. Her goal: change the way young British Columbians view politics.

What do you say to young people who identify with the Occupy Wall Street movement, who say our political system is the problem?
Those grassroots, organic activist movements are really important too. They provide another channel for people, particularly young people, to get involved, and also provide a balance to the institutional organizations.

But young people often don’t even know where to begin to get involved in politics.
If you’re not sure about how to get involved or where or when, if you just show up that’s the most important thing. I work on strategic political advice, but I also do phone banking and stuffing envelopes and door knocking.

Politics can seem intimidating to those who aren’t immersed in current events. How do you overcome that?
You don’t have to know everything about politics; you don’t have to even know a lot about the news. But my hope is that every young person will at least feel comfortable enough to get out and vote on election day. –David Jordan

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