Caffè Artigiano Barista Wins Regional Championship

Allen Morgan, Caffe Artigiano | BCBusiness
2013 Western Regional Barista Championship winner Morgan Allen presents his drinks to a group of judges.

Morgan Allen beat six other competitors to win the title of “B.C.’s Best Barista” at the 2013 Western Regional Barista Championship

Morgan Allen took a job at a coffee shop 10 years ago because he needed a paycheck. Little did he know that a year later he would fall in love with coffee and eventually go on to compete in the Western Regional Barista Championship four times, most recently winning the competition last weekend.
“I just needed a job, I wasn’t really that interested in coffee,” said Allen. “I started learning more and more and just really fell in love with it and it took me from there.”
Allen competed against six other baristas from across the province, preparing a series of espresso-based beverages in a tight window of time for a panel of judges to win the title of “B.C.’s best barista.” Competitors were rated on taste, design, speed, showmanship and creativity. Allen says that his personality and his wealth of information helped him win the competition.
“I brought a lot more character than any of the other competitors. I had a lot of really good information about my coffee and why it tasted the way that it did, based on things I knew from the farm and how we roasted the coffee when we got it.”
Allen has been a barista at Caffè Artigiano for just over a year and previously managed Roca Jack’s Coffee House in Regina, Sask. In addition to winning this years competition, he also won the title in 2011 and is currently training for the national competition, where he placed 6th in 2006 and fourth in 2011. In preparation for the upcoming competition, Allen is practicing and refining his routine and is building on the feedback he received from the regional judges.
Allen will compete against 15 other baristas in the Canadian National Barista Competition Oct. 20 to 21 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.