Executive Coaching Success Stories at Erickson Corporate International

How executive coaching can strengthen corporate leadership.

Erickson Corporate International (ECI), a division of Erickson College, helps businesses worldwide transform their leadership skills and productivity through innovative coaching. With its base in Vancouver, ECI typically works with large corporations, and has recently collaborated with Canada Post, Occidental Petroleum and Russia’s Sberbank. “Organizations need results, but they also need well-developed people leading an engaged workforce,” says Paul Gossen, an executive coach and Erickson corporate trainer. Through Erickson’s advanced coaching model of leadership, organizations focus on optimizing relationships and listening skills.
Canada Post contacted Erickson in 2008 when it was undergoing significant change after the Internet transformed the culture of mail communications. “Canada Post felt they needed to become more flexible and open to change,” says Gossen. Erickson worked with the company’s senior management to create a culture of trust-building in order to improve team relationships.
In 2011, Erickson tackled a major project with Occidental Petroleum, who faced the challenge of managing oil fields in the Oman region of the Gulf, a desert environment. “We worked primarily with an engineering community – a group of senior minds with engineering degrees. Their challenge was managing a southeast Asian expatriate manual labour force, which created significant cultural diversity challenges.” Erickson trained the engineers in creativity and innovation using a visual thinking strategy called “white-boarding” – an advanced form of brainstorming. The results not only improved relationships between management and workers, but also led to a production increase well beyond the target of eight per cent.
Russia’s Sberbank, the 14th largest bank in the world, also engaged Erickson’s coaching expertise. The bank’s primary goal was to breed an innovative culture with the long-term intent of ascending the list to break into the top 10. Erickson worked with Sberbank to build trust within the organization. Outcomes included improved relationships between managers and staff through more effective solution-focused dialogue, and managers learned to apply the art of coaching to create an empowering environment where the team could innovate and find their own solutions.
To find out more about Erickson Corporate International, please contact executive director, Lawrence McGinnis at 1-800-665-6949 ext. 305, or visit ericksoncorporate.com

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