How Business Coaching Can Energize Salespeople

Using business coaching tools to make the sale.

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty of selling, the key ingredient is trust. So says Paul Gossen, a corporate development executive for Erickson Corporate International (ECI). He also believes that most technologies used for sales training focus on the idea that you can make somebody buy your product. This belief, he says, is flawed. “We researched the brain science behind the key customer-salesperson relationship and discovered this sales mindset is actually destructive to the relationship.”
A sales relationship, in short, is like any other relationship. “At the core of a successful sales relationship is trust,” says Gossen. “Sales is not about spouting off a list of benefits, but more about building a relationship by asking questions and creating a link between the product and the customer’s need.”
Effectively building trust is the highest leverage point in the sales process. One of the best ways to achieve trust is through the application of coaching tools. “You have to earn trust,” says Gossen. “As a salesperson, the most effective thing you can do is listen and ask good questions. The interest is in the customer’s core requirement – and helping them create their own vision for success. That’s coaching, not selling.”
Erickson’s coaching system builds a map linking the customer’s vision of success and then offering it in a natural and organic way. “Service is at the very heart of selling and being of service to the client is what salespeople are born to do. From that place it’s easy to engage in a conversation, build a relationship, assist a client in creating their vision and then map that vision to the product,” says Gossen.
Erickson’s coaching approach has proven to be a huge hit with leaders around the world. Not only does it produce rapid results, it reinvigorates salespeople. “The core design of this program is to allow salespeople who’ve been selling for a while to re-energize and reconnect with their passion for the product, their passion for people and blend the two together.”
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