How to Transform Managers Into Business Coaches

Using business coaching techniques to improve your company’s bottom line.

Time and again, studies have shown that employees who are intrinsically motivated to succeed in their roles show more dedication, productivity and loyalty to the company. That, in turn, improves the business’s bottom line – and that’s why Erickson Corporate International’s coaching programs set out to transform managers into competent coaches.
“Managing and coaching are distinct roles,” says Jo-Ann Harris, trainer at Erickson Corporate International. “Managers attempt to motivate employees to practice and achieve the organization’s vision. Managers adept at coaching inspire employees to motivate themselves.”
Intrinsic motivation best leads to improved performance in a corporate environment where workers know their contributions are valued. “When individuals are actively involved in the creative process, they feel they ‘own’ the solution,” explains Lawrence McGinnis, executive director at Erickson Corporate International. “Only then are they truly inspired and invested.” Competent coaches recognize this, and urge their employees to consistently seek out opportunities for contribution and self-betterment.
According to Harris and McGinnis, any manager can become a competent coach by staying mindful of the following:


  • Establish mutual rapport. Lack of rapport translates into lack of trust – and that means placing trust in your employees, too. 
  • Be a good listener. Give employees your full attention and avoid judgement.
  • Ask constructive questions. Instead of telling your employees what to do, assist them in finding solutions to challenges.
  • Help your employees succeed. Most individuals are keen to improve productivity and achieve success. Encourage questions and offer additional training where possible.

Harris also cautions that leadership involves more than simply overseeing daily operations. Instead, “Competent coaches aim to create lasting change within the organization,” she says. “Managers need to clearly communicate the company’s overall vision, and help employees identify how their actions contribute to achieving that.”
True leaders embrace coaching as central to their role, and are focused on developing the next generation of leaders by encouraging intrinsic motivation and continual self-development. Erickson Corporate International programs help business leaders leave their own legacy by giving them the tools to allow others to follow in their footsteps.


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