Kellee Irwin: Off-Roader

Kellee Irwin, Senior VP, insurance, marketing and underwriting, ICBC

I’m not what people expect for a vice-president for underwriting: spiky-red-haired biking chick. But the motorcycle business is very dependent on insurance! I’ve been in the business for 20 years now and biking for almost 40.

I started riding when I was five years old. My father taught me; he was a rider and a racer. And my family has had a retail motorcycle business for 70 years.

I used to race off-road. I won the national title 10 years ago when I was 33, but I retired because of old age, and I just don’t have time anymore.

I went to Baja this spring on a trip called Hooters on Scooters. Everybody was over 30; I was the oldest. We travelled 400 miles in four days, off-road. I met some fabulous women, and we stayed in ranches and saw spectacular views. Whenever I take an adventure ride, I fall in love with riding all over again.

I love street riding.

Given the choice, though, I prefer off-road: ­playing in the dirt and riding in the woods. It’s really safe: trees don’t move like cars and traffic do in downtown Vancouver. And you get to go places you’d never be able to see otherwise.

You don’t meet too many unhappy people on motorcycles – they ride because they like riding. I plan to be on my bike until I can’t ride anymore.