Talking ’bout My Resolutions: David Turpin

David Turpin President & Vice-Chancellor, University of Victoria This year the University of Victoria ranked the third best “comprehensive” university in Canada by Maclean’s magazine. Turpin was appointed president and vice-chancellor in 2000. What was 2008 “The Year Of”? Remarkable Accomplishments. Last year we got the largest contribution to a university endowment in Canadian history ($95 million from the Province of B.C. to establish the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions), and we opened $150-million worth of new buildings. What keeps you up at night? The lack of inflationary funding for universities. Every year, as our costs rise due to inflation, we have to cut things in order to pay the increased costs. If you could wave a magic wand, what would appear – or disappear – on Jan. 1? Enhanced federal support for research and innovation, with per-student funding of B.C. universities increased to be internationally competitive. What’s your top goal for 2009? The big one is to embed the university even more in the regional community and economy. In light of the current economic challenges, people are looking to us for even greater leadership. In your world, what needs to happen to make 2009 a success? Students continuing to report satisfaction with the quality of the learning environment at the University of Victoria, and faculty continuing to be among the leaders nationally in securing research funding.