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The Status Bureau’s Josh Loewen talks about the hidden “numbers game” of digital marketing

Effective digital marketing transforms a business website from one hoping to be discovered into a website that actively finds customers, engages them and compels them to take action

The Status Bureau is a digital marketing agency with veritable “grand-daddy” status in the field, with 10 years of experience and the results to back up their success. Josh Loewen explains:

What does The Status Bureau do?
We work with clients who already have a website, and simply put, we put the website to work. By using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and targeted media advertising, your potential customers will be more likely to find the website during their regular use of social media and Internet searches.

How important is a website to completed sales?
Your website should be your hardest-working sales person! Customers on your website have already met you halfway–they’re already interested and have prequalified themselves for your product or service. This is especially true for niche communities, with customers searching for very specific products. Once they’ve found you, they’ve found what they’re looking for.

Won’t people find us through Google anyway?
Google is a very powerful search engine that is incredibly effective at ensuring only the best, most optimized sites rise to the top, quite literally. Sites that land on the first page of search results don’t get top honours by luck or accident, but through SEO and customer “traffic” directed through digital marketing.

How do you work with clients that don’t really “get” digital marketing?
With all of our clients, we start old school–we sit down, face-to-face, and we talk about your business. We learn about business goals, successes and failures, the current landscape, and details that define who you are as a company. The Status Bureau considers it our job to really “get” your company, and then to use the best digital marketing tools to get results.

How do I know this strategy will help my company get the numbers and traffic I’m looking for?
With digital marketing, absolutely everything gets measured, from who your customers are, how they behave and what they want. Data starts to arrive the very first day, and greater amounts of data provide greater analysis. There are no guarantees in SEO, only educated guesses. Our clients do need to take that first leap of faith, but after 10 years in the business, we know our “guesses” are experienced and informed.