Tips for staying sane in a pandemic from… CuePath Innovation’s Bruce Nunn

The sales and marketing lead says no (American) news is good news.

Credit: Bruce Nunn

The sales and marketing lead says no (American) news is good news

When he’s not kayaking, drinking wine or playing lead guitar in his classic rock cover band, Bruce Nunn shreds up the local technology industry stage. Nunn leads sales and marketing for CuePath Innovation, a Vancouver-based health-care tech company that delivers a medication adherence monitoring service (which keeps people from mismanaging their meds). Because many seniors are now cut off from everyone except essential workers, and care homes have been high-risk spots for infection, CuePath is offering remote medication management for free to seniors during COVID-19.

Here’s Bruce’s rock ‘n’ roll rundown of how to keep sane.

1. Turn dinner preparation into a family sport

My teenage kids had never chopped onions before, or grilled meat. They’re now preparing and eating fresh vegetables and meat while learning valuable life skills. And there’s less for me to do.

2. Get outside and walk or ride a bike

Your immune system needs vitamin D. Your brain needs you to see sunlight. Cabin fever will eventually consume you, so get outside and get some fresh air.

3. Rediscover your music collection

Do you have vinyl records or CDs? No? Spotify? Find the music you liked when you were in your teens and crank it. This is guaranteed to make you feel great.

4. Read something educational, inspiring or hilariously funny

Don’t read anything sad or heavy. Since you aren’t commuting to work right now, you have more time to feed your brain and your soul.

5. Stop watching American news channels

Do yourself a big favour and avoid the inevitable shocking news about the Trump administration’s latest cruel, corrupt or foolish act.