Video Q&A: Women of the Year 2021 – Innovator

Carole Herder and Anne Hunger, finalists in the Innovator category of the 2021 Women of the Year Awards, chat about what innovation means to them.

Winner Carole Herder (left) and runner-up Anne Hunger

Carole Herder and Anne Hunger chat about what innovation means to them

To honour the contenders in our second Women of the Year competition, we’ve created video interviews with finalists in eight categories. 

For this instalment, we chatted with Innovator winner Carole Herder and runner-up Anne Hunger.

Herder, who is president of Cavallo Horse & Rider, created the first hoof boots for horses. Roberts Creek–based Cavallo now sells its boots, which are a comfortable and shock-absorbing alternative to metal horseshoes, in more than 25 countries.

“Imagination is the key,” Herder says of her approach to innovation. “I think it’s a good idea for entrepreneurs to step back and allow themselves some quiet time for the imagination to take hold.”

Hunger is co-founder and COO of Vancouver-based startup GlüxKind Technologies, which is developing a stroller that uses artificial intelligence and robotics to make life safer for children and their parents.

“For me in particular, innovation is generally motivated by personally experiencing a problem,” says Hunger, who launched GlüxKind last year after she and her partner went stroller shopping for their daughter and found themselves underwhelmed. “Initially we were looking for a solution for ourselves, but [we] quickly realized that we’re not on our own with this.”

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Thank you to the judges—Laurel Douglas, Paris Gaudet, Trish Mandewo and Tina Strehlke—for their time and effort. We’re also grateful for the support of our generous sponsor, the Women’s Enterprise Centre.