Weekend Warrior: Sweeping Interests

YVR director of customer care Reg Krake on maintaining balance, on and off the curling rink

YVR director of customer care Reg Krake on maintaining balance, on and off the curling rink

I like a variety of sports and activities, from curling to cycling to skiing to dancing and singing. Ultimately it comes back to balance and making sure you’re healthy in life: mentally fit and physically fit.

I began curling in high school with my dad and brothers in Osoyoos. In a small town, it can be quiet in the winter. There’s lots of activities you have to get involved in to keep busy, so I learned curling from my dad and all the people around me, which was awesome. Then I went off to university and started a career so wasn’t able to keep up curling.

Competitive volleyball became my go-to sport. I’d done volleyball all through high school, kept it up in university and played in the B.C. volleyball association. Twenty-five years of competitive volleyball resulted in enough injuries that, about 10 years ago, I needed to re-evaluate my sports activities so I wouldn’t be hobbled by the time I’m 60. I could instead continue to pursue lots of sports and activities but not abuse my body as much. 

Curling became a great alternative to go back to. It’s fairly low impact, but it actually has pretty decent cardio. If you’re sweeping a lot in a game, you are up and down the ice every shot virtually, and when you’re sweeping hard, you burn quite a few calories. A lot of people think it’s kind of a beer sport, and I think there’s some truth in that historically, but it’s gotten a lot more intense over the years. It’s a really nice recreational and social sport.

Warrior Spotlight

Director of customer care for the Vancouver Airport Authority, Reg Krake says, “There are over 23,000 people that work at YVR, so it’s like a little city, really. Every day is different, which is one of the things I love about it.”