We uncover 20 organizations in our province that are radically changing their sectors while boosting their bottom lines.

When we began our Top Innovators competition four years ago we took a big gamble. The leading contenders were obvious: MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates had put Canadian engineering on the map with its Canadarm, Lululemon Athletica Inc. had introduced a whole new category of leisure wear and AbeBooks had revolutionized bookselling. But once we burned through the obvious choices, would there be anything left?


This year’s nominees put our fears to rest. With 56 nominations submitted online and another dozen or so brought to the table by our panel of innovation experts, we faced an embarrassment of riches. Each of the 20 winners profiled here has put a new idea into practice that has had a profound impact in its field. Not one has been previously recognized here as a Top Innovator.