Past BCBusiness Innovators | BCBusiness

Past BCBusiness Innovators | BCBusiness
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A look back at 2011's Most Innovative Companies in B.C.

1. City of Vancouver made its vast trove of data easily available to the public in the hopes of spurring innovation and entrepreneurship

2. Strangeloop Networks Inc. accelerates the load times of websites by organizing and prioritizing data delivery

3. Avigilon Corp. developed a system for data streaming, processing and storage that produces high-quality video surveillance at an economical cost

4. Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. removes phosphorus from wastewater and then resells it as fertilizer

5. iQmetrix Software Development Corp. produces software that lets cellphone consumers compare options at a single point of access

6. Paradigm Shift Solutions Inc. builds websites that provide the raw ingredients of legal services without the cost of actual lawyers

7. Engineering and Entrepreneurship@UVic encourages students to work out commercially viable solutions to real-world business problems

8. Redlen Technologies manufactures hand-held devices for sniffing out radioactive materials

9. Indochino Apparel Inc. allows customers to order inexpensive, tailor-made suits over the Internet

10. HootSuite Media Inc. makes an on-screen dashboard that gives users a single interface for Twitter, Facebook and a host of other social media platforms

11. Vision Critical Communications Inc. offers an alternative to traditional polling with online surveys calling on thousands of pre-chosen respondents

12. Zymeworks Inc. created a tool to help biotech entrepreneurs design drugs quicker and more effectively

13. Vivonet Inc. developed a cloud-based point-of-sale system for the food service industry

14. Annex Consulting Group Inc. built a database of professional consultants, offering potential clients a one-stop shop

15. Modo The Car Co-op shares its proprietary software for managing its fleet of short-term rental cars with competitors

16. Daiya Foods Inc. developed cheese substitutes with the consistency and flavour of traditional cheese but free of animal products and many common allergens

17. Lunapads International Products Ltd. produces an environmentally friendly, reusable cloth menstrual pad

18. Digital Payment Technologies Corp. replaces single-spot parking meters with pay stations that cover multiple stalls

19. Mibroc Group of Companies introduced a consumer-centric approach to home-building that makes it a positive experience for the person or family who is building

20. The Latest Scoop vetoes a permanent storefront to operate short-term “pop-up” retail stores