2021 30 Under 30 Winners

With their drive, creativity and confidence during a pandemic year, the class of 2021 showed the rest of us how to handle tough times

If B.C. has been through the wringer, you’d almost never know it from looking at our eighth annual 30 Under 30 list. Many of the winners found ways to grow their businesses during a world-changing pandemic. For some, that meant the proverbial pivot; for others, it was time to double down on a COVID-friendly product or service.

With multiple co-founders from several organizations making the list, we’re honouring 37 people this year. The winners, who represent industries as disparate as finance, esports, cannabis and fine art, hail from diverse backgrounds, too. Several are immigrants, while others have overcome learning disabilities that would thwart someone less determined. We know you’ll find their stories inspiring—and remember, this talented group is just getting started. 

Because it was originally scheduled for earlier publication, this tribute to B.C.’s brightest young business talents might include the odd overachiever who has reached a ripe old 3-0 by now. Either way, the winners have accomplished more than anyone has a right to at their age. Congratulations to all.

Nico Aguirre | Age: 23

Founder + managing director, Trena Digital

Nico Aguirre

Caleb Bernabe | Age: 25

Co-founder + CEO, VINN

Caleb Bernabe

Piero Castillo | Age: 28

Co-founder + Co-CEO, Pacifica Service Group

Piero Castillo

Felicia Chan + Bahar Moussavi + Mikhaela Torio | Age: 23

Co-founders, The C.O.D.E. Initiative

Credit: Justin Chan. Mikhaela Torio (left), Bahar Moussavi and Felicia Chan

Emily Davies | Age: 28

Partner, Linde Equity

Emily Davies

Selene Dior | Age: 23

Founder + CEO, Vitae Apparel

Selene Dior

Katie Forsyth + Claire McLoughlin | Ages: 28 + 26

Co-founders + co-owners, Friendly Composting

Credit: Natalie Sky Photography. McLoughlin (left) and Forsyth also run a food delivery service with local producers

Anamika Gioia | Age: 26

Founder, Sacred Foods

Anamika Gioia

Calvin Ho + Albert Kim | Ages: 27 + 28

Co-founder + COO; co-founder + COO, Greenline POS

Greenline POS_Ho (left) and Kim run one of biggest POS providers in the Canadian cannabis space

Riley Howlett | Age: 29

Owner, Trestle Investments (Lonsdale Leather + Precision Patterns)

Riley Howlett

LeeJoo Hwang | Age: 22

Co-founder + director of business development, MeaningfulWork

LeeJoo Hwang

Hayden James + Josh Baker | Ages: 28 + 26

Co-founder + CEO; co-founder + CTO, Fraction Technologies

Hayden James and Josh Baker

Nishal Kumar | Age: 29

Founder + CEO, No Days Wasted

Nishal Kumar

Michelle Kwok | Age: 22

Co-founder + CEO, FLIK

Michelle Kwok

Adam Lando | Age: 28

Founder + CEO, Dad’s Printing

Adam Lando

Alexandria MacFarlane | Age: 28

Founder + CEO, Truly Lifestyle Brand

Alexandria MacFarlane

Tawanda Masawi + Rana Taj | Age: 25 + 26

Co-founder + CEO/Co-founder + president, GameSeta Esports

Credit: Amrin Prasad. Tawanda Masawi + Rana Taj

Thamer Matar | Age: 28

Founder + CEO, Accessible Jobs


Alex Miller | Age: 27

Owner + operator, Pelvic Floor Strong

Alex Miller

Lauren Minogue | Age: 29

Vice-president, Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital

Lauren Minogue

Brent Nelson + Mike Ouellette | Age: 28

Owner + COO/Owner + CEO, Custom Cubes

Mike Ouelette (left) and Brent Nelson were childhood friends before they launched Custom Cubes

Victor Nicolov | Age: 28

Founder + CEO, Anvy Technologies

Victor Nicolov

Meg O’Hara | Age: 29

Founder + CEO, Meg O’Hara Creative

Meg O'Hara

Acacia Pangilinan | Age: 29

Executive director, Kamloops Chamber of Commerce

Acacia Pangilinan

Joe Parenteau | Age: 29

Co-founder + CEO, Fable Home Goods

Joe Parenteau

Courtney Peters | Age: 29

Co-founder + CEO, Supercrush

Courtney Peters

Harsh Rathod | Age: 29

Co-founder + CEO, Niricson Software

Harsh Rathod

Peter Shahbeigi | Age: 27

Co-founder + CEO, Flash Health Technologies

Peter Shahbeigi

Sam Siegel | Age: 29

Co-founder, Sam’s Original Art

Sam Siegel

Rumi Tejpar | Age: 29

Founder + CEO, Be Ultimate Apparel

Rumi Tejpar