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Tourism & Culture

Mar 1, 2009
Culture: UBC's MOA, Jocasta & Allen Vizzutti
Jeffrey Bichard

Museums MoA Reopening: UBC’s Museum of Anthropology reopens its doors this March after a six-month hiatus. Having increased in size by nearly 50 per cent and undergone extensive renovations, what better way to showcase a new bod than with a few tattoos? Peter Brunt, senior lecturer in art history at...

Mar 1, 2009
The Peaks and Troughs of Olympic Anticipation
Frances Bula

The scary thought creeps into your mind on little cat feet one night as you’re lying awake contemplating both the impending global economic conflagration and your own recent 12-page Visa bill. What if the Olympics aren’t, after all, the fiscal...

Feb 10, 2009
Video: Lisa Goes to Blo Vancouver
Lisa Nguyen

Lisa Nguyen goes to Blo Vancouver and gets a 'do called Sex, Hugs and Rock & Roll. Alison McLaughlin writes in February about the economics of luxury, a peer inside the Blo Blow Dry Bar. In her piece, the implicit question is: In a tumbling economy, can you rely on women (and some men, or "blo bros," as they're known) to spend 30 bucks on a blow dry?

Feb 1, 2009
Travelling to Kyoto, Japan
Matt O'Grady

Poor Kyoto. Founded in 794 as Heian-kyo – “capital of peace and tranquility” – the city is arguably one of the world’s more impressive tourist destinations, with a rich cultural heritage, a refined cuisine and a gracious populace. But for...

Jan 1, 2009
Travelling to Cuba
Tyee Bridge

Our white Peugeot station wagon passes a baseball field where a billboard above home plate reads, in Spanish, Socialism or Death. “Cuba, it’s a funny place,” Jourdain says into the rear-view mirror. He looks a bit like a young Cary...

Jan 1, 2009
Culture: Carmen, Constant Wife & Assume Nothing
Sophia Kim

CONSTANT WIFE (Theatre) Said to be “an antecedent to the women of Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City,” Constance Middleton – a protofeminist creation of playwright W. Somerset Maugham’s – is a middle-class housewife of the 1920s betrayed by a cheating husband. Strong, composed and charming, Middleton chooses, rather...

Dec 1, 2008
Word of the Year Defines 2008
Matt O'Grady

Left: Senate Bailout Hearing (Nov. 2008) Bailout, it was announced this week, is Merriam-Webster’s 2008 Word of the Year. The dictionary people define the omnipresent word as “a rescue from financial distress.” Last year the top word, as voted by MW readers, was “woot” – as in, “woot! I won...

Dec 1, 2008
Travelling to Galway, Ireland
John Lee

I’m zigzagging along Galway’s darkened, rain-slicked High Street, battling a winter gale that’s slapping at my face like the back end of a feisty wet fish. It’s only mid-afternoon, but the roiling grey tempest has drained Weather Wet. Perfect cozy pub weather, with temperatures averaging eight degrees Celsius.Can’t MissAran Islands. Take...

Nov 5, 2008
Bright Lights, Big City
By Myles Murchison

I tell people I live in White Rock because – as an old art director of mine liked to say – living in White Rock means you’ll never have to say you’re Surrey. So this is my confession: White Rock is about four blocks down the street. I’m more comfortable...

Nov 4, 2008
Growing a Greener Graveyard
Brennan Clarke

For such a small plot of land, Royal Oak Burial Park’s groundbreaking natural woodland burial site sure has created a big stir. Wedged into just two-tenths of a hectare bordered by towering pines and rust-red arbutus trees at the northern tip of the sprawling 55-hectare property, the scenic slip of...

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