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Now Victoria's airport is getting a mall

Plus, the power of underwater pools and Vancouver gets affordable (for some)

Vancouver Island | Consumer Insight

Why YVR just opened an outlet mall

Plus, the sad fate of seabirds—and soon, Fraser River fish

Research | Travel | Fisheries & Agriculture

Wealthy benefit most from TFSAs, says SFU expert

Plus, a boost for the Vancouver Island marmot and Vancouver city workers

Arts & Culture | Branding
Lululemon's dangerous drawstring | BCBusiness

Sheer pants 2.0? Another recall at Lululemon

Plus, blueberries in China and marijuana job cuts in Nanaimo

Arts & Culture | Branding
The Hunger Games | BCBusiness

10 B.C. companies that had very good (or bad) years

Did Lululemon have a good year? (We think so.) Did Teck have a bad one? (Oh, definitely.) Good and bad are oversimplifications, of course, but sometimes a little simplicity goes a long way

Economy | Branding | Consumer Insight
U.S.-Canada border | BCBusiness

Cross-border shopping is way down in B.C.: report

Plus, our own prosperity fund and more trouble for Teck

Travel | Economy | Consumer Insight
Charles Chang | BCBusiness

How Vega plans to become a household brand

Vega has a cult following in natural health circles. Now Charles Chang wants it to be ubiquitous

Entrepreneurs | Branding | Consumer Insight
Charles Chang | BCBusiness

Vancouver-based Vega sold for US$550 million

What does it mean for the company? Only good things, founder Charles Chang says

Mergers & Acquisitions | Finance & Investing
Lululemon | BCBusiness

E-commerce boosts Lululemon's bottom line

Plus, Telus shutters Blacks photography stores and toxic waste returns to sender

Sustainability | Legal


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