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Feb 6, 2017
How Best Buy built up its brand by focusing on customers
Marcie Good

Late last November, a video shot at a Best Buy store in Halifax went big on Twitter. The scene: staff lined up near the front door, applauding, as dozens of customers strolled in to kick off Black Friday. That week...

Jan 25, 2017
A tale of two burger joints: How A&W and White Spot strengthened their brands
Christopher Donville

Five years ago, with sales far from sizzling, A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. set out to boost its brand. The plan, according to chairman and CEO Paul Hollands: offer younger, food-savvy consumers something they’d never expect from a fast-food...

Nov 21, 2016
Lunch With Lucy: Salt Spring Coffee's Mickey McLeod on brewing controversy
Lucy Hyslop

It’s not often you hear a CEO talking about the upside of LSD while discussing business. But then lunch with Mickey McLeod—the “still-a-hippie-at-heart” president and CEO of Salt Spring Coffee Company and pioneer of organic coffee—was never destined to be...

Nov 8, 2016
John Fluevog's big shoes to fill
Jim Sutherland

John Fluevog is puffing a little as he climbs Soames Hill, near the Sunshine Coast property where the 67-year-old finds himself spending more and more time. The founder and sole owner of Fluevog Shoes is far from retired, but he’s...

Oct 24, 2016
Skull Skates celebrates 40 years of street cred
Kerry Banks

Peter Ducommun is not sure that he’s the best subject for a business magazine feature. “To tell you the truth, we’re kind of anti-business here,” says the 53-year-old owner of Skull Skates, Canada’s oldest skateboard company. For Ducommun, or PD...

Oct 18, 2016
WiFi and your business

BCBusiness + Shaw Business A common sight across the country is walking past a café and seeing patrons messaging on their phones via complementary WiFi. However, it’s no longer just cafés where this is happening. Look closer and you’ll see small- to...

Oct 11, 2016
Vancouver's coworking community continues to grow
Amy Watkins

Cafés used to be the only affordable “office” choice for the self-employed. Now, fuelled by an increase in demand, coworking shared offices offer amenities and camaraderie from drop-in day rates of $25 to monthly memberships from around $200. Beyond a...

Sep 13, 2016
When is local and organic really local and organic?
Steve Burgess

Marketing is essentially the retail equivalent of politics—promises, promises. Call it “green-washing” or “local-washing,” but when it comes to food, it often seems more attention is paid to the selling than to the processing. At both supermarkets and restaurants, items are sold with feel-good phrases like locally sourced, fair trade, organic...

Jul 22, 2016
Office Space: Jewellery designer Leah Alexandra's Gastown gem
Felicity Stone

Up until two-and-a-half years ago, jeweller Leah Alexandra and her employees worked out of her Kitsilano home. When they finally outgrew the space, Alexandra started an office search—looking at one depressing specimen after another before settling on an 870-square-foot unit for sale in Bodega Studios on Carrall Street in Gastown.

Jul 21, 2016
Why Choices Market wants customers to buy less
Marcie Good

Dave Wilson sizes up the pile of white bags of Full Circle topsoil, stacked in a cage behind Choices Market on 16th Avenue in Kitsilano. He manages the produce category for the grocery chain’s 11 stores and notes that 9,000 bags have sold over the past five years. “I’d like...

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