Jan 18, 2023
A Place for Every Student
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + BC Independent Schools In today’s social climate, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are top of mind in nearly every realm of life, work and play, including the academic environment. Schools across BC are responding with inclusive curriculum, staff training and...

Dec 8, 2022
Leadership training in the post-pandemic world
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + University Canada West “What we are seeing is a new definition of what employees want from a leader or manager,” says Dr. Eli Sopow, who teaches Leadership and Change Management in University Canada West’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. He...

Dec 5, 2022
The Art of New Leadership
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + BC Education for Professionals When command-and-control leadership was the only leadership style people expected, things were simpler. The boss told people where to be and what to do there, and if there were any problems, they all fell back on...

Nov 29, 2022
It's a Good Thing: This new MBA program at UVic puts Indigenous reconciliation first
Matt O'Grady

In boardrooms across Canada, in any given moment there’s a discussion ongoing about this organization’s commitment to Indigenous communities or that company’s action plan for reconciliation. A lot of the initial interest—before Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission—was spurred by the...

Nov 22, 2022
5 Questions: UBC Sauder's new dean Darren Dahl shares his hopes for the university
Nathan Caddell

The obvious big one is how to leverage what we learned coming out of the pandemic, and figuring out how we build back. A lot of people got used to being at home in their jam jams, and there’s value...

Oct 24, 2022
Stratford Hall: Design Thinkers at Work
Robin Brunet

BCBusiness + Stratford Hall Students at Stratford Hall strive for excellence, confidence and service in an academically challenging, pluralistic community where everyone thrives and belongs. But that is only the beginning. Stratford Hall brings students beyond the globally minded and socially conscious...

Oct 6, 2022
How to get an international education experience and build a global network without leaving Canada at UCW
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + University Canada West Research has shown that diversity in the classroom enriches the educational experience for all students. Students learn from those whose experiences, beliefs and perspectives are different from their own. These types of interactions can lead to increased innovation...

Sep 14, 2022
Real-World Learning
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + University Canada West As the world continues to re-open, several trends are becoming apparent with regards to what undergraduates are seeking from post-secondary schools - and what these institutions are providing. University Canada West is a prime case in point. UCW...

Sep 9, 2022
Start your future today with a bachelor's degree from UCW

BCBusiness + University Canada West Vancouver-based University Canada West (UCW) offers three undergraduate degree programs that help prepare students for a successful career path in their chosen field. Established in 2004, UCW is a business and tech-oriented institution that offers undergraduate and graduate...

Sep 1, 2022
Southridge School develops students with strong minds and good hearts
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + Southridge School Since 1995, Southridge School, a K-12 independent school of 680 students located in South Surrey, BC, has been charting a new course in education—driven to be a school where students receive outstanding teaching and where they flourish as...

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