May 7, 2021
It’s a Good Thing: Mental health is a growing concern for B.C. businesses, especially those that employ mostly men
Matt O'Grady

The secret that Gord Menelaws had kept hidden, well into his late 40s, wasn’t really a secret to those who knew him best. His wife had warned him he had a problem, as had some friends and coworkers at mining...

Apr 30, 2021
On Trend: Try these B.C.-developed apps to maintain your mental wellness
Nathan Caddell

It’s a challenging time for people across the world as the COVID-19 pandemic has taken away many of the hobbies and pleasures we used to depend on. During Mental Health Week (May 3-9), check out these locally made apps to help...

Apr 7, 2021
Vancouver’s Light AI partners with WHL to provide fast, no-swab COVID-19 tests
Nathan Caddell

There are plenty of reasons to drop out of university, but Peter Whitehead has one of the better answers when he tells the story of why he left UBC in his third year. “I invented a heart catheter,” Whitehead says, so...

Mar 29, 2021
Shared Benefits a Win-Win
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + Chambers Plan Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, operate a home-based business, or work as part of a larger firm, benefits are an essential part of your financial security. However, for small- to mid-size businesses, premiums can be prohibitive—unless, of course, they team up with other businesses and organizations. The Chambers...

Mar 23, 2021
The Innovators: Aspect Biosystems is attempting to 3D-print and implant artificial tissues
Nick Rockel

“We’re at a stage now where we’re turning science fiction into reality,” says Tamer Mohamed. The president and CEO of Aspect Biosystems isn’t kidding. Since the Vancouver biotech company co-founded by Mohamed launched commercial operations in 2016, Aspect has steadily advanced toward the goal of implanting its 3D-printed tissues in...

Mar 11, 2021
The Innovators: Aurinia Pharmaceuticals is improving the treatments for rare diseases
Nick Rockel

In the U.S. alone, as many as 135,000 people suffer from lupus nephritis (LN), a complication of the autoimmune disease lupus. Helping that group manage LN, which leads to chronic and potentially life-threatening inflammation of the kidneys, could be just the start for Aurinia Pharmaceuticals. Victoria-based Aurinia got some good news...

Mar 2, 2021
The Innovators: Intuitive AI pivoted to workplace safety in the pandemic
Nathan Caddell

Intuitive AI founders and SFU graduates Hassan Murad and Vivek Vyas were looking for a way to help solve the waste crisis. To that end, they developed an AI application named Oscar (after the Sesame Street character) that attaches to...

Mar 1, 2021
Pure Sunfarms CEO Mandesh Dosanjh talks highlighting local makers and carving out a niche in the competitive cannabis industry
Nathan Caddell

On any career path, there are obvious jumping-off points where experience paves the way for someone to move on to the next opportunity. But rarely do said occasions occur as clearly as they did to Mandesh Dosanjh. The Ontario native had...

Feb 19, 2021
On Trend: COVID-19 may mark a tipping point for virtual care
Michael McCullough

When Vancouver corporate flagship Telus bought Montreal-based Emergis in 2007, the latter’s electronic medical records (EMR) business presented an intriguing growth proposition: a platform to spearhead the digitization of patient files across Canada. Telus Health is now the country’s leading EMR provider, with 1,800 employees and relationships with 94,000 practitioners.

Feb 17, 2021
How exercise and rehab business Symmetrix pivoted and thrived during COVID-19
Nathan Caddell

Kent MacWilliam’s career path has had more twists than an episode of CSI. The Vancouverite studied science at McGill University in Montreal and worked as a geologist all over the world, including stints in northern B.C., Alaska and Quebec. But after...

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