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May 19, 2017
Grow Financial works behind the scenes to raise the banking industry’s digital game
Nick Rockel

Banks and credit unions look to 33-year-old Kevin Sandhu to help them keep pace with changing consumer demands. “We’re really the tech in fintech—that’s the problem, at the end of the day, I think we’re solving,” says the boyish founder...

May 16, 2017
When B.C. small businesses turn to Kickstarter, who wins?
Marcie Good

In June 2014, Colin Pickell, a coffee shop manager in Ladysmith, set out to raise $7,000 on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter Canada. He wanted to publish his children’s book, called Who Will Tuck Me Into Bed?, and he needed money to...

Mar 9, 2017
Self-employed? Make dollars and sense of your income tax and benefit return
Canada Revenue Agency

Being self-employed means more than just having a good idea and the drive to make it happen. You also have to balance the books and fulfill your tax obligations with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). You already have the entrepreneurial...

Feb 6, 2017
British Columbians choose mortgages over RRSPs
Melissa Edwards

$24,100 That’s the average amount withdrawn by British Columbians who have taken money out of their RRSPs before retirement, according to a 2016 BMO study—51 per cent more than the national average. As Canadians scramble this month to make tax-year...

Jan 16, 2017
B.C. men and women have different financial priorities for 2017: poll
Felicity Stone

Last November Mustel Group conducted a provincewide telephone poll for BCBusiness, asking 500 people what they plan to do with their money in 2017. Overall the top choices were fairly evenly split between reducing debt (24.3 per cent) and saving for...

Jan 4, 2017
How will China's currency crackdown affect real estate markets?
Felicity Stone

Chinese banks have begun requiring clients to specify why they want foreign currency and when it will be used. If they are found to have used it improperly, such as for the purchase of a home, they could be barred...

Nov 14, 2016
Five things not-for-profit organizations can do to increase productivity in their organization

BCBusiness + Manning Elliott LLP What kind of oversight or governance should a not-for-profit organization have? For any organization to be successful, it requires a strong board to govern the organization. The board is accountable to the membership, and to various...

Nov 9, 2016
World financial markets uncertain following Trump victory
Marcie Good

Is the Trump presidency a bad thing? Global financial markets weren’t sure. Initially they convulsed in reaction to Tuesday’s U.S. election shocker, as investors attempted to process one of the greatest upsets in modern political history. But the initial losses...

Nov 2, 2016
What signing CETA says about Canada
Felicity Stone

Canada now appears as the only “adult in the room” when it comes to global trade negotiations, writes Carlo Dade, director of the Canada West Foundation’s Centre for Trade and Investment Policy. The big story regarding the Comprehensive Economic and...

Oct 31, 2016
5 steps businesses need to take when developing a succession plan

BCBusiness + Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP Preparing for succession or transition is always a pressing issue for many successful business leaders: they fully realize the importance, but they often decide it can be dealt with further down the road. The...

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