Jun 27, 2022
The 2022 Top 100: B.C.'s biggest companies by industry
Michael McCullough

Climbing out of the claws of the pandemic wasn't an easy feat. The push and pull of supply chain issues and inflation impacted businesses throughout B.C. in 2021, but even with ground lost in 2020, the economy was able to...

Jun 21, 2022
Pacific Trader: Skeena Resources aims to revive Eskay Creek's glory days
Michael McCullough

The stock: In contrast to **cough, cough** cryptocurrency, gold is once again showing itself to be a genuine store of value in perilous markets. The trouble with buying bullion now is that you’re paying full price. But there’s another way of...

Jun 16, 2022
How can sustainable solutions address investors' concerns?

BCBusiness + Addenda Capital With clients from British Columbia to the Maritimes, Addenda Capital has a prime view of investors’ concerns among which climate change, for many, is now top of mind. According to a recent poll by the Responsible Investment Association, 85% of Canadian investors want companies to establish plans for...

Jun 8, 2022
Pacific Trader: Can this biodegradable plastic maker turn a good idea into a winning investment?
Michael McCullough

The stock: Have you ever looked at all the plastic in your grocery bags and kitchen and bathroom cabinets and wondered, How hard can it be to make waterproof, airtight, sterile material that won’t still be poking out of the...

Jun 2, 2022
Alternative Borrowing Solutions
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + Freedom Capital Real estate investors, developers and self-employed individuals are sometimes considered risky borrowers when they apply for financial lending or mortgages. Although these applicants are as likely to have a strong net worth, good credit and good lending history as any other applicants, traditional lenders hesitate to break rigid...

May 11, 2022
Pacific Trader: Can CloudMD stage a miraculous recovery?
Michael McCullough

The stock: Two years ago, at the start of the pandemic, the idea of providing digital health care services was just what the doctor ordered—or was that her investment advisor? With its aggressive acquisition strategy, CloudMD Software & Services (TSXV:DOC)...

May 3, 2022
Vancouver's Pocketed takes home $25,000 cash prize at Odlum Brown Forum Pitch Finale
Rushmila Rahman

Imagine how easy life would be for entrepreneurs if they could sign up for a platform that matched startups with funders—like Tinder for business grants. That’s exactly the kind of idea that made Pocketed the winner of this year’s Odlum...

Apr 29, 2022
Local donation platform Charitable Impact racks up $1 billion in contributions
Rushmila Rahman

Despite a reputation for being generous, Canadians reached a monumental low when it came to charitable donations in 2021, according to this report. However, as of April 2022, that trend seems to be reversing, if Charitable Impact is any indication.

Apr 29, 2022
WeBC’s new report sheds light on the unmet financial needs of female entrepreneurs
Rushmila Rahman

Getting a business off the ground has never been easy. How do you secure enough funding? What kind of support and services are at your disposal? Answering such questions can be tough, but if you’re a female business owner, things...

Apr 27, 2022
Pacific Trader: This junior miner’s 500-percent rise will help you forget the markets’ woes
Michael McCullough

The stock: Some weeks it’s best for your sanity, if not your portfolio’s value, to tune out the market noise and think about long-term wealth creation. That’s what the investors in Filo Mining (TSX:FIL) have been doing for the past...

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