Oct 18, 2022
Pacific Trader: Invest like Ken Sim with Diversified Royalty Corp.
Michael McCullough

The stock: For better or for worse, Vancouver’s mayor-elect Ken Sim is known as a wealthy businessman. Nurse Next Door, the home-care franchise network he co-founded with John DeHart in 2001, was mostly responsible. But did you know you too...

Oct 16, 2022
Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022: John Nicola is banking on growing Nicola Wealth internally
Nathan Caddell

John Nicola has had to do many pivots in the near 50 years he’s been in the wealth management business. However, there’s one newer development that the veteran investment executive and entrepreneur isn’t a big fan of. “Some advisors say that...

Oct 5, 2022
Pacific Trader: Vancouver's Wishpond Technologies could be more than just wishful thinking
Michael McCullough

The stock: Be greedy when others are fearful, Warren Buffett famously admonished. Instead of taking the last of your spare change and tossing it into a fountain, a better strategy is to look for glints of hope poking through the rubble...

Sep 21, 2022
Pacific Trader: Copperleaf shows its utility through market rout
Michael McCullough

The stock: Pity the folks who bought into Copperleaf Technologies (TSX:CPLF) upon its initial public offering last October. They’ve watched the stock plunge from $15 a share to $6.33 as of Tuesday’s close. Tech stocks with most (or, in Copperleaf’s...

Sep 16, 2022
Let's Talk About Legacy Gifts
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + Community Partners A legacy gift is what someone is remembered for. It is how they impact future generations and care for their community or causes long after they are gone. Choosing where to focus legacy giving can be daunting with so...

Sep 13, 2022
5 Questions: How former Boston Pizza co-owner George Melville distributes his hard-earned dough
Nathan Caddell

We [Melville and his wife, Sylvia] just did a funding round with St. Pauls for an IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) centre. One of our family members had a major IBD issue. We totally connected and saw an opportunity to make that...

Sep 8, 2022
Jewish Community Foundation Connects Locally and World-wide
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + Jewish Community Foundation The Jewish Community Foundation provides a personalized, hands-on approach, fuelled by specialized, communal knowledge and experience. The team at the Foundation works closely with community members and fund holders to match their interests with community needs. “Our intimate...

Sep 6, 2022
Pacific Trader: Ballard Power has its eyes on the BidenBucks
Michael McCullough

The stock: Amid the renewed stock market carnage of recent weeks, one cohort of issuers had something to celebrate. Makers of green energy technology enjoyed a sizeable bump after U.S. President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law...

Aug 30, 2022
The journey to diversification is paying off nicely for BCI
Nathan Caddell

A lot of people were hired by British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) during the mid-2010s. The organization, which manages some $211 billion through investment services to B.C.’s public sector, was in the process of diversifying its assets. “Not that we...

Aug 29, 2022
A Gift to BC Children's Hospital Foundation Supports Big Strides in Addressing Childhood Illnesses
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + BC Children's Hospital Foundation Planning today for one’s legacy tomorrow can help set your mind at ease. Knowing a portion of one’s estate will go toward creating lasting, meaningful change in the community through a legacy gift is what inspires...

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