Dec 4, 2020
Most British Columbians think their finances are holding steady during the pandemic: poll
By the Editors

The results are in, and it doesn’t look like most British Columbians will be rushing out to buy a new home or car anytime soon. In early October on behalf of BCBusiness, Mustel Group asked 500 B.C. residents how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their confidence as consumers. The survey showed that people are cautious when it comes to spending and job security, but they’re also feeling more optimistic about the economy than when the virus first struck...

Dec 2, 2020
Close to $300 million raised for B.C. tech ventures in third quarter: report
By the Editors

B.C. technology companies raised some $287 million in the third quarter of 2020, according to a report from Silicon Valley Bank (which recently opened a Vancouver office) and Toronto-based Hockeystick. Although that rates as the second-strongest quarter in the past five, it’s...

Nov 26, 2020
5 Questions: Pender Ventures exec Maria Pacella talks investing in inflection-stage tech companies
Nathan Caddell

Earlier this month, Vancouver’s PenderFund Capital Management announced the creation of Pender Ventures, an investment group centred on disruptive technology companies in B.C. and across Canada. With $25 million from institutional investors Export Development Canada and Vancity, among others, and led...

Nov 25, 2020
Two University Initiatives Receive Boost from TD in Support of Entrepreneurs

BCBusiness + TD While such challenges can be attributed to a lack of capital, other factors are usually at play. Entrepreneurs may face barriers to resources such as mentorship support or specialized skills development and training that could make launching or scaling their unique ideas a little easier. Recently, TD announced its commitment...

Nov 20, 2020
Young Guns: Corbin Lowe keeps busy between wealth management, vegan food and ventilators
Nathan Caddell

Talking to Corbin Lowe, it takes about a minute before you realize he’s not your average 29-year-old. That’s when he says, “I have this weird dissociation with money that I’ve learned–if you focus too much on the amount, you get paralyzed...

Nov 6, 2020
5 Questions: Mogo CEO Dave Feller talks open banking, marketing to millennials
Nathan Caddell

Since founding Mogo in 2003, Dave Feller has been trying to help Canadians save money. The Vancouver-based company was created to revamp the payday loans space. But that mission has since shifted to its main priority: helping customers get rid of...

Nov 5, 2020
Vancouver startup banks on a niche: unbanked seasonal farm workers
Nick Rockel

In a world where many people do their banking quickly and conveniently online, Canada’s seasonal agricultural workers have been left behind. Those visiting labourers don’t just toil in the fields—sending money home to their families in Mexico and other countries...

Nov 2, 2020
B.C. residents show surprising financial confidence in wake of COVID-19: report
By the Editors

You’d expect an annual survey aimed at gauging the financial confidence of Canadians to be an absolute bloodbath in 2020. Yet somehow, the results really aren’t all that bad, especially in B.C., where residents are more upbeat about their finances than...

Oct 20, 2020
Bank Shot: Canada may be a laggard, but these B.C. fintechs are ready for open banking
Michael McCullough

If you’re like me, you have a small pile of change on your dresser or bedside table. It’s been making the rounds of your pants and jacket pockets for months. As the COVID-19 pandemic has mandated a shift to contactless payment—the tap of a credit card or scan of a...

Oct 15, 2020
BCers like the idea of digital ID for government services, but only with increased security: report
By the Editors

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted British Columbians to favour putting more services online, according to a recent survey. The poll, released by Canadian financial services firm Interac Corp. in partnership with the Canadian branch of American PR giant Hill+Knowlton Strategies, found that...

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