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Shocke Bikes

New + Improved: Shocke Bikes

Shocke Bikes, a new line of electric bicycles designed and made in B.C., is enjoying some “shocking” success

Craft cider

B.C.'s liquor laws put craft cider at a distinct disadvantage

For those seeking a sip of something crafty, there’s a new brew in town

Where to eat and drink in Portland's Central Eastside

True to their surroundings, many of the area’s top restaurants borrow names from their industrial past.

Portland's unlikely rise as a postmodern manufacturing hub

Known for “keeping it weird,” Oregon’s biggest city is also fighting hard to keep it local  


Why renters are better off in L.A. when "The Big One" hits B.C.

L.A. now requires seismic upgrades for apartment buildings. In B.C., renters just have to take their chances

 Shane O’Brien | Gallery Jones

The battle between artists and fraudsters in today's digital age

The Internet has made B.C. artwork susceptible to theft by corporate interests. But in a copyright fight against Goliath, David can still win, say legal experts

Harvest Community Foods

Five companies satisfying your soup cravings

Soup is hot! We introduce you to five businesses that make the stuff from scratch so you don’t have to  

Double Commute

Why the car is winning the commuter war—and what can be done to stop it

Commuting is a fact of life for just about anybody who works for a living. It’s also a key factor in the economic, environmental and emotional health of a community. We look at the true cost of commuting, how residents and businesses are reorienting themselves to face the new reality (including taking a rowboat to work!)—and what, if anything, transportation planners can do to get us out of our cars

Commuter profiles: five extreme B.C. commutes

The highs and lows commuters face when their route to work isn't exactly straightforward


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