Oct 15, 2021
Going back to the office? Here’s how to prevent separation anxiety in your pet
Alyssa Hirose

For folks going back to the office this fall (or the 78.6 percent of British Columbians who prefer a hybrid of remote and in-person work), the new new normal will require some adaptation. And for those of us who have...

Oct 1, 2021
Weekend Warrior: Vancouver city councillor Rebecca Bligh is a stand-up politician
Nathan Caddell

Rebecca Bligh has done triathlons, half marathons and gran fondos. One summer, she did the Grouse Grind 40 times to raise money for a children’s charity. But about five years ago, she found her true athletic passion: paddleboarding. Asked what she...

Sep 24, 2021
Young Guns: Kicking around with Gary Chang, founder of Skye Footwear
Nathan Caddell

Leading a small, burgeoning company that sells luxury products is hardly economic high ground during a pandemic. But Gary Chang still considers himself one of the lucky ones. Because manufacturing was considered an essential service throughout COVID-19, Chang’s shoe business, Skye...

Sep 13, 2021
Inventory: B.C.-designed clothing, toys and other goodies for babies and kids
Alyssa Hirose

Snooze Fest Coming from a luxury design background, Tammy Lo was looking for aesthetic neutrals when her sister was expecting her first baby in 2013. Unable to find any, she founded Richmond-based Nest Designs. Lo injects her own sense of style...

Sep 10, 2021
On Trend: B.C.-made soy candles have a bright future
Saphiya Zerrouk

Better times are coming, and we can just smell it. Soy is now a go-to wax for candlemakers because it burns cleaner and longer than paraffin–and wipes up with soap and water. Here are some of the sustainability-minded B.C. artisans...

Aug 29, 2021
Simply Beautiful Wins Third Consecutive Canadian Subscription Box Award

For the second year in a row, B.C.-based Simply Beautiful has taken home the award for Best Overall Box at the Canadian Subscription Box Awards from A Year of Boxes. In 2019, Simply Beautiful received the prize for Best Women's Lifestyle...

Aug 27, 2021
Weekend Warrior: Architect Kevin Vallely has explored the planet’s farthest reaches
Nathan Caddell

Architect Kevin Vallely has made something of a habit of taking on mind-bending expeditions. After all, he’s skied Alaska’s daunting 1,860-kilometre Iditarod Trail, scampered through Vancouver Island’s West Coast Trail in record time, retraced a 2,000-kilometre, Klondike-era ice-bike route and...

Jun 10, 2021
Inventory: These B.C. refilleries provide low-waste solutions for our everyday grocery needs
Alyssa Hirose

Nada has been providing package-free grocery items since it opened in Vancouver in 2015, but founders Brianne Miller and Alison Carr expanded into delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their partnership with Shift Delivery transports goods like flour, pasta and granola...

Jun 7, 2021
On Trend: Haven’t you heard? Polymer earrings are all the rage
Nathan Caddell

Made with many of the same tools you’d use to bake cookies (yep, these things go in the oven), polymer clay earrings are fairly easy and cheap to create, and they look pretty good, too. (Of course, the adornments have also starred in many TikTok and Instagram posts where influencers...

Jun 3, 2021
After Hours: Arctic Voices and dragon boat racing
By the Editors

True North You can’t head up North anytime soon, but here’s the next best thing. Arctic Voices, the newest exhibition at Science World, takes visitors on an interactive tour of the vast region, with an emphasis on its people, ecology and...

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