Nov 4, 2008
Botox at the Dentist
Susan Hollis

Botox? Typically, the only filling dentists do is of dental cavities, not wrinkles. That might have been the case until 2007, but, under pressure from dentists such as Victoria’s Rachel Staples, regular tooth doctors can now administer cosmetic injectables. “I...

Nov 4, 2008
In the Bag
Steven Schelling

Thanks to recent technological advancements, many laptops can now fit neatly inside a manila envelope. But just because you can tote a computer around in an inter-office packet doesn’t mean you should. Putting aside purely aesthetic arguments (the first being that it’s near impossible to match your shoes to a manila envelope), there are several practical reasons to invest in a dedicated laptop bag: protection from shocks and spills, adjustable shoulder straps, compartments for peripherals and the like. Below, a...

Nov 4, 2008
Pomegrantes and Riojas: Good Advice
Alexandra Barrow

Hot Fruit The trendy pomegranate features as a key ingredient in a variety of festive cocktails this season, from martinis to manhattans. Earls’ Black Pom martini ($7.50), introduced last year, has quickly become a staple on the chain’s drink list, while Goldfish Pacific Kitchen’s sommelier, Nessa van Bergen, recently added High “C” ($3.75) – a non-alcoholic refreshment made with pomegranate and aloe vera juices – to her restaurant’s menu. Earls, earls​.ca; Goldfish Pacific Kitchen,

Sep 6, 2008
Video: 2009 BCBusiness Fashion Shoot
J Bucher

Here is your behind-the-scenes peek at the inaugural BCBusiness fashion shoot, coordinated by art director Cathy Mullaly and assistant art director Ben Oliver, and filmed and edited by digital editor John Bucher. Video: Burnaby's Shakerboarding King Video: William Vince's DTES Audio: Steven Schelling talks fashion Back to article: The BCB Fall Style Guide Photographer: Nick...

Sep 6, 2008
B.C. Style Around the World
Alexandra Barrow

Through unique talent and hard-work, the following designers are just a few who have proven that Vancouver-based labels can grace the world-stage in sophisticated, high-end attire. The bold yet elegant looks of Jason Matlo’s couture-cut, ready-to-wear designs were officially launched when Matlo started his company in 2004, but it took over...

Sep 4, 2008
BCBusiness Style: Wear It Well
BCBusiness Online

Here they are, all the finished photos from the inaugural BCBusiness fashion shoot. The shoot, which took place in a warehouse loft overlooking the Port of Vancouver, on a sunny day in early summer, was styled by Vancouver writer and stylist Steven Schelling, who sits down to chat about the...

Aug 1, 2008
Bill of Health: Alternative Remedies
By Jessica Werb

The first time I met Dr. Yan Bin Ma was just over two years ago. For many months previous, I had been dealing with a baffling condition (the details of which I’ll keep to myself  ) that necessitated scans, invasive probing and various unpleasant encounters with myriad health-care practitioners, none of whom came up with an explanation.

Jul 1, 2008
The Down-Low on Herring Roe
Jessica Scharien

The crunchy eggs are exported primarily from Canada and Alaska with Japan as the primary market. The ingredient symbolizes fertility, family prosperity and luck and with historically low birth rates throughout the country of Japan, demand and cost for the delicacy are generally high. Head chef at Tojo’s Restaurant in Vancouver...

Dec 5, 2007
How to Ensure Your Mental Health
Vicki O’Brien

Lose the junk in your trunk If you are obese in middle age, you are twice as likely to develop dementia in later life. Combine that extra weight with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and you are at...

Dec 2, 2007
Carbon Offsetting: Pardon My Emissions
Myles Murchison

Thus, according to EcoNeutral’s online “carbon calculator,” I am personally responsible for the emission of 5.61 tons of carbon dioxide – which, as Al Gore is quick to tell us, is a polluting greenhouse gas that’s causing our global climate to change. My 5.61 tons is at the low end of...

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