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Dec 1, 2023
South Cambie development is Canada's first real estate development exclusively for and by women
Nathan Caddell

The first day of December in Vancouver brought with it an especially cold rain—the kind of weather you’d like to spend as little time in as possible. Unless, it seems, if you were part of the crowd at a development...

Nov 7, 2023
Co-working giant IWG puts the spotlight on Surrey with another location in the works
Nathan Caddell

It sure doesn’t seem like it’s a good time to be invested in coworking spaces. WeWork, which was reportedly valued at US$47 billion once upon a time filed for bankruptcy this week. Increasingly, employers are demanding that their workers come...

Nov 7, 2023
Land Values: Real estate companies are betting big on branding developments
Frances Bula

To live in contemporary B.C. is to swim beneath a steady waterfall of words crafted ever so carefully to seduce us with visions of a dream life. Also known as the perfect pre-sale condo unit. The enticements proliferate everywhere. Giant ads...

Oct 27, 2023
5 Questions: Bosa Properties' Sally Parrott talks diversifying the development industry and her Aritzia past
Nathan Caddell

1. You joined Bosa Properties Inc. (BPI) right after the pandemic started. What was it like joining at that time and how have things progressed for you since? It was really interesting. My last day with Aritzia was March 13, 2020.

Oct 26, 2023
Entrepreneur of the Year 2023: Cory Wright expands mindfully at William Wright Commercial
Alyssa Hirose

The Kickoff: Cory Wright appreciates good customer service—a background in the hospitality industry will do that. But according to Wright, your average commercial real estate brokerage doesn’t foster quite the same, well, hospitality. “I think in commercial real estate, and maybe...

Oct 16, 2023
Brivia Group plants its flag in Vancouver as it aims to build Curv, the world's tallest passive house building
Nathan Caddell

If you’re a B.C. resident and have never heard of Brivia Group, you’d be forgiven. Founded in 2000 in Montreal, Brivia is a real estate development and investment company that has built a strong brand in Quebec, mostly through its building...

Oct 12, 2023
The Workplace of the Future Offers Life in Balance
Jessica Kirby

BCBusiness + Marco Polo by Gryphon The workplace landscape is shifting in Canada. A global trend in office downsizing after the pandemic is reshaping developments to meet the demand for smaller to medium-sized offices and flexible work models. Hybrid workspaces that marry...

Sep 8, 2023
Land Values: Wesgroup is developing Vancouver's River District, but the community is missing some key layers
Frances Bula

It sounds so familiar. Vancouver, desperate to create new housing, starts the planning process for a gigantic tract of empty land near water at the request of a developer. The first version is a forest of towers. Nearby residents, who largely...

Aug 25, 2023
Big Fat Deal: $5.3 million to reward the laziest real estate listing in Vancouver
Nathan Caddell

Address: 5776 Angus Drive Price: $5,299,000 Listing: R2761762 The skinny: Four-bedroom, three-bathroom, 3,909 sq ft house on 9,017 sq ft in Vancouver’s Kerrisdale neighbourhood. The bling: First, an admission. I’m not one for the fancy, altered and extremely chic-looking photos that often adorn real estate ads. They’re...

Aug 1, 2023
Pacific Trader: Can Tribe Property Technologies disrupt building management?
Michael McCullough

The stock: Real estate remains one of those sectors most resistant to digital transformation. Sure, we all browse homes to buy or rent online, but in the end it’s an industry still driven by personal connections and ample fees. Startups...

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