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Real Estate

Feb 23, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $20 million for a peak party palace
Fiona Morrow

Address: 5425 Stonebridge Drive, Whistler Price: $19,950,000 MLS: R2128330 The skinny: Nine-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 9,700-square-foot estate on 5.5 acres in Whistler. The bling: You’ve given in and put winter tires on your fleet of luxury cars, so may as well have a reason to drive them...

Feb 16, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $47 million to live like a lord
Fiona Morrow

Address: 1238 Tecumseh Avenue, Vancouver Price: $46,800,000 MLS: R2138016 The skinny: Five-bedroom, four-bathroom, 10,000-square-foot house on a 20,000-square-foot lot in Shaughnessy. The bling: Forget all that nouveau, ultraluxe, new-build nonsense. The real sign you are not simply richer than Croesus but come from old...

Feb 9, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $6 million for fancy in the front and all business inside
Fiona Morrow

Address: 1949 West 37th Avenue, Vancouver Price: $5,988,800 MLS: R2135368 The skinny: Five-bedroom, six-bathroom, 3,796-square-foot house on a 6,000-square-foot lot in Vancouver. The bling: Appearances can be deceptive. We all know this. On the outside, you’re a regular guy. Your suits are good quality...

Feb 2, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $4 million for this off-grid survivalist setting
Fiona Morrow

Address: Mowgli Island Price: $4,000,000 MLS: See listing here The skinny: Four-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2,000-square-foot house on a private island north of Saltspring. The bling: You must have heard the news: billionaires the world over are busy building end-of-times houses all the better to facilitate...

Jan 27, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $8 million for your alternative reality
Fiona Morrow

Address: 6335 Elm Street, Vancouver Price: $7,998,000MLS: R213380The skinny: Five-bedroom, four-bathroom, 4,100-square-foot house on a 23,000-square-foot lot in Kerrisdale.The bling: Your millions can buy you the biggest, the best, the cutting edge of, well, everything. But—in the immortal words of...

Jan 19, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $7 million to make the 1980s great again
Fiona Morrow

Address: 6975 Marguerite Street, Vancouver Price: $6,998,000 MLS: R2131780 The skinny: Five-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 6,910-square-foot house on a 9,500-square-foot lot in South Granville. The bling: Remember those low-slung suburban houses of your 1980s childhood? The warm sense of security and respite they offered to...

Jan 12, 2017
$6 million for a magenta mansion with its own ballroom
Fiona Morrow

Address: 1388 West 54th Avenue, VancouverPrice: $5,680,000MLS: R2129887 The skinny: Four-bedroom, five-bathroom, 4,992-square-foot house on a 8,320-square-foot lot in South Granville. The bling: Magenta. It’s what stucco cries out for. Really: you’re in the pink—may as well let the rest of the...

Jan 11, 2017
For those who can’t get enough Trump: a new hotel
Felicity Stone

The U.S. presidential inauguration isn’t the only Trump-related news this month: Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver is now accepting reservations. At 1161 West Georgia on the edge of Vancouver’s Luxury Zone, the twisting 69-storey tower designed by Arthur Erickson...

Jan 9, 2017
What Vancouverites think about short-term rentals: poll
Felicity Stone

Airbnb is controversial wherever it sets up shop. Last November, the Mustel Group conducted a poll for BCBusiness to find out how Vancouver residents feel about allowing property owners to rent their residence out short-term. The majority of both owners (53.6...

Jan 6, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $19 million for a fresh start
Fiona Morrow

Address: 719 Eyremount Drive, West Vancouver Price: $18,800,000 MLS: R2126621 The skinny: Seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 11,322-square-foot house on a 28,000-square-foot lot in the British Properties. The bling: New Year, new you, right? Out with the old, and in with the brand spanking new. You’re feeling...

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