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Dec 2, 2009
Craig McCaw's Treasure Island
Andrew Findlay

Seattle billionaire Craig McCaw and his visions of a Gulf Island eco-topia. Not many people can afford to buy an island, but reclusive Seattle billionaire Craig McCaw is one who can, and he wants to turn James Island, 15 kilometres northwest of Victoria, into an eco-topia for the wealthy elite.

Nov 4, 2009
Ending Homelessness in Vancouver: It Takes a Boardroom
David Jordan

Where government and social-service organizations have failed, a group of 
Vancouver business leaders is stepping 
in to offer a bold new approach to 
ending homelessness. On the hottest day of the summer – perhaps the decade, with temperature records falling across...

Nov 4, 2009
March Of The Megahomes
Tony Wanless

The march of the megahomes into neighbourhoods means densification is happening. But we continue to ignore it. Three different articles in one day’s newspaper are a great indicator that the Vancouver region is becoming more efficient in how it houses its population. Whether it wants to or not.

Nov 4, 2009
Vancouver's Most Expensive Properties
BCBusiness D.B.

The names and sums behind the richest land deals in recent Vancouver history. Andrea Eng, the subject of a 2008 BCBusiness profile, "The Zen of Andrea Eng," made her name as a commercial real estate broker at the epicentre of a...

Sep 2, 2009
Vancouver's Hidden Design Gems
Alison McLaughlin

Woe unto you, O People of Vancouver, if you ignore these paragons of local architecture and design. Condominiums with more sales pitch than closet space aren't properties worth gushing over, but they get the most attention in Vancouver. Forget them. What we wanted to know is, What are Vancouver's ten most neglected of underappreciated masterpieces? We got our answers from three industry experts: – Celine Pitre of Celine Interiors

Jul 16, 2009
B.C.'s Blipping Real Estate Market
Tony Wanless

Last Fall, we were inundated with stories about how this recession was on par with the Crash of 29. This summer, it’s all about how it’s over and happy times are here again. I’m talking specifically about B.C.’s favorite amateur investment – real estate. The media is breathlessly reporting that home...

Jun 18, 2009
Vancouver Special Gets a Facelift
David Allison

Can the city shed its shoebox reputation? There are many  experiences that contribute to "the Vancouver Brand," and public revilement of the infamous Vancouver Special is one of them. Boxy and boring, it's part of our shared heritage as Vancouverites to scoff at these inelegant abodes. But brand attributes can change – even commonly accepted ones. And if the widespread belief that these suburban shoeboxes are a blight on the good name of Vancouver can change, what's next?

Jun 3, 2009
New Models of Affordable Vancouver Housing
Bob Rennie

In search of new models of affordable housing In the past year, prices for homes have dropped throughout B.C., and yet what might be considered “affordable housing” is still in desperately short supply. Construction costs are down, as the demand for new homes has subsided, but the cost of land remains high. Indeed, not only do we have a shortage of developable land in Vancouver – and elsewhere in B.C. – but that shortage is compounded by a restrictive zoning and...

May 6, 2009
Shades of Green
Peter Severinson

LEED LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a green-building certification system administered by the Canada Green Building Council, which has adapted green-building criteria developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to reflect conditions unique to Canada. Independent auditors judge a building according to five broad areas: site development, water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

May 6, 2009
Shelter Skelter | BC Green Buildings | LEED
Mark Mallet

Before the financial crash of October 2008, green buildings were the darling of the media and the market, and nowhere was that more true than in B.C. Victoria’s Dockside Green promised to be the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental...

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