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Real Estate

Aug 4, 2010
B.C.'s Link to Arizona Real Estate
Matt O'Grady

Later this month, Arizona’s two major political parties will nominate their candidate for November’s gubernatorial election. The defining issue in both primaries has been Arizona Bill 1070: a controversial measure, signed into law on April 23 by current 
governor (and...

Jul 15, 2010
How Not to Name Real Estate Developments
David Allison

When naming a real estate development, for goodness' sake, create a something straightforward and honest. Enough with the clever. Embarrassing Building Syndrome (EBS) is an affliction on the rise. After meeting someone excited about his new home purchase, you quite innocently trigger the onset of symptoms by asking him which building his condominium is located in.

Jul 8, 2010
Commercial Interior Design, Vancouver-style
Kristen Gladiuk

Interior design is being increasingly recognized as more than "just paint and pillows," and rightfully so. Interior designers work with more than just your colour scheme in mind. They have an intimate knowledge of building structure and technol Interior Design: WOW Suites at the W Hotel Lexington, NYC The transition from inside to...

Jul 7, 2010
B.C.'s Rising Real Estate Stars
Jim Sutherland

Only in B.C. would a past Playboy model, 
a former teen heartthrob and scads and scads 
of ex-NHLers try for a second career in 
real estate development. As many of them are finding out, it's not as easy as it looks.

Jul 7, 2010
Vancouver Art Gallery Real Estate Debate
Sinead Keane

The debate surrounding the relocation of the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) has turned a discussion on art into a power play of words.
 The gallery’s board of trustees have been overt in their desire to reflect the city’s position on the...

Jun 15, 2010
Going Where The Money Is
Tony Wanless

The government agency that seizes goods gained through illegal activity is going after a couple of banks that issued mortgages to a grow-op house. Does this signal a new thrust by the Civil Forfeiture Office? I find it curious that the BC government agency that seizes proceeds of crime is targeting two of Canada’s largest banks because they provided mortgages for a home that contained alleged grow-ops.

May 5, 2010
Ecodensity Forever?
I Bowerbank

Does downtown Vancouver have a future beyond condos and coffee shops? The party’s over. The guests have all gone home, and after seven years of arranging the furniture and polishing the silverware, the hosts can finally sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. They liked us.

May 4, 2010
Too Poor To Live in Vancouver
Tony Wanless

Vancouver has become a city of the rich, which means there's no place for the people who actually work here. Two recent incidents point to a particular nasty aspect of the regional economy that has been gaining momentum for some time. I'm talking about the fact that many people are simply too poor to live here.  

Apr 7, 2010
Woodward's a Prime Innovation
David Allison

The team at Westbank chose a daring approach for Woodward's: make homes for rich and poor alike, surrounded by convenience and culture, in a downtrodden and dangerous part of town. And it worked out. Recently, I was asked by the folks...

Apr 2, 2010
Westbank Projects

The transformative aspect of real estate development is mostly a fiction reserved for florid marketing brochures and breathless sales pitches; “cutting edge” and “a new way of living” are almost always cookie-cutter replicas of the same old thing. Or so it was until Woodward’s opened its doors last September.

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