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Jan 12, 2011
China's City in the Sky
Tony Wanless

Rapidly urbanizing China is revolutionizing the way we think about cities and the urban landscape. And B.C. had better start listening. As an avid urbanist, I was fascinated by cities during a recent trip to China. The country is currently the world’s largest experiment in rapid urbanization. My wanderings took me the "mega cities" of Hong Kong/Shenzen and Shanghai, and an ancient “town” (only about 5 million people) called Suzhou. Each of them was a veritable forest of tall residential buildings.

Jan 4, 2011
B.C. Architects Without Borders
Jim Sutherland

It’s October and David Thom 
is talking about the globalization of the architecture business. It’s an appropriate topic because the managing partner of IBI Group is strolling down a street in London, where the firm recently acquired Nightingale Associates, the...

Dec 14, 2010
Riding the B.C. Real Estate Horse
Tony Wanless

Economists are warning that the era of low interest rates are over and our household debt levels are unsustainable – but in real-estate crazy B.C., we’re not listening. In 2009, Canada had 251,300 officially listed high-net-worth individuals (millionaires, to us common folks). These are people whose assets minus their debts amounts to more than 1 million dollars.

Nov 3, 2010
Musqueam Band: This Land Is My Land
David Jordan

It’s hard to miss the signs of prosperity on the Musqueam Indian Reserve, nestled between UBC and the tony Kerrisdale and Dunbar neighbourhoods in southwest Vancouver. The site on the banks of the Fraser River is abuzz with construction cranes...

Nov 3, 2010
Bidding Low on B.C. Construction
Peter Severinson

The competitive bidding environment in the B.C. construction industry is all about price, and no one is getting a good deal. The Vancouver Olympics were widely hailed as a resounding victory of organization. One major project was checked off after another: on time, on budget. However, not everyone has a happy story to tell.

Sep 28, 2010
Governments' Dirty Housing Secret
Tony Wanless

Despite an affordability crisis, governments in BC are unlikely to loosen their grip on housing, which adds substantially to costs and, consequently, tax bases. One has to give Housing minister Rich Coleman his props for exposing one of the dirtiest little housing secrets in BC. That's simply that governments, especially at the municipal level, contribute substantially to this province's out-of-sight housing costs.

Aug 4, 2010
B.C.'s Link to Arizona Real Estate
Matt O'Grady

Later this month, Arizona’s two major political parties will nominate their candidate for November’s gubernatorial election. The defining issue in both primaries has been Arizona Bill 1070: a controversial measure, signed into law on April 23 by current 
governor (and...

Jul 15, 2010
How Not to Name Real Estate Developments
David Allison

When naming a real estate development, for goodness' sake, create a something straightforward and honest. Enough with the clever. Embarrassing Building Syndrome (EBS) is an affliction on the rise. After meeting someone excited about his new home purchase, you quite innocently trigger the onset of symptoms by asking him which building his condominium is located in.

Jul 8, 2010
Commercial Interior Design, Vancouver-style
Kristen Gladiuk

Interior design is being increasingly recognized as more than "just paint and pillows," and rightfully so. Interior designers work with more than just your colour scheme in mind. They have an intimate knowledge of building structure and technol Interior Design: WOW Suites at the W Hotel Lexington, NYC The transition from inside to...

Jul 7, 2010
B.C.'s Rising Real Estate Stars
Jim Sutherland

Only in B.C. would a past Playboy model, 
a former teen heartthrob and scads and scads 
of ex-NHLers try for a second career in 
real estate development. As many of them are finding out, it's not as easy as it looks.

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